Scratch scratch I wonder

Hello everyone! I’m looking for new used speakers for my studio where I work. I’m a cinematographer living in Serbia and do a lot of color correction at computer, sometimes editing a bit. I play music from iMac over Gold Note DAC to original Naim Nait 1. I was wondering if you guys had a chance to hear some of these. So at local dealer, few that suit my idea of good match, all in pristine condition.

• Ruark Prelude (not II)
• Rogers LS6/3
• Spendor S3E
• Quad 22L
• Totem Raimaker (I already have pair of these and they are great but not shure if I want two pair of same speakers)
• IMF Super Compact II
• Jean Marie Reynaud Basic


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What kind of music do you tend to like most?

I’ve heard some but not all of these, but none on the end of an original NAIT. If I were scratch one off the list straight away though it would probably be the Quad 22Ls. Just not my cup of tea at all, seemingly lacking any “get upon and go” about them, and probably just not a great match with Naim.

The Totem’s would be a likely candidate - Owner Vince often demonstrated them with Naim electronics back in the day. But I guess they’re a known quantity for you already, and as you already have a pair I can understand how it would be more interesting to try something else for a second system.

Most interesting would probably be the JM Reynauds, which are a rare sight here in the UK, but seemingly have quite a strong following amongst Naim fans in other countries.

Tell us what you think if you get to take a listen.


Richard, thanks! I listen to numerous types of music, including electronica, rock, and jazz…
I never got the opportunity to audition JMR, and I was also reading excellent feedback and overall positive experiences with Naim.

Now for a change, I don’t agree with Richard here. I use Quad 22Ls with my 272/XPS DR/250DR and they sound pretty good to me, although I do prefer my SL2s that are in another room. But then they are a lot larger and more expensive too.


Sorry David. However, in light of your comment I shall ensure I try to get another listen to a pair sometime. There are so many variables at play, maybe they will sound much better in a different environment and under different circumstances. I just need to be aware of the possibility of my previous experience prejudicing any future audition.


I got call from dealer this afternoon. There is pair of Spendor BC1’s on display. Great conditon also…

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Well Spendors are a known quantity, I imagine would be risk free.

They should be BC1a preferably. And you need to get them off the floor. They sound terrible if you use them without a stand.

I bought mine from PJ Hifi. I had the first pair they got from Quad, when they were first released in 2011. PJ used to make you pay in full for demo kit and then return your money when you gave them the kit back. I just kept them and have never found the need to replace them.

And there is something special about the fact that the back has the same very high gloss finish as the sides and top have! Bird Eye Maple is such an attractive wood too.

I also had a pair of Spendor BC1a speakers, but that was much earlier. I was still at Uni, so say about 1972. I think the Quad 22L is better than the Spendor BC1a, although it’s a long time since I heard the Spendors. As it happens a friend of mine has my actual pair of Spendors, so I could no doubt arrange to hear them again sometime!

Thank you, @LindsayM Both Spendors are at the top of my scratch list! Thanks @davidhendon ! These are BC1, not “a” versions… You’re saying Quad 22Ls are worth considering, correct? They seem to be effective enough @ 6Ohm and 89db sensitivity for little Nait. There are currently two options: piano black and bird eye maple; piano black are in somewhat better shape. Both seem nice, maybe piano black would be my pick for the rest of studio interior. I must note that I currently have Totem Arros from a friend on the end of Nait, which are 4Ohm and 87db. They’re transparent, punchy, and enjoyable, but there’s something missing from the music. Rainmakers are less expensive but sound significantly better, both with Nait 1 and Supernait 1. In the end, I would not hesitate to choose Rainmakers.

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A glaring omission from your list of possible speakers is the BBC-designed LS3/5A.

I have a pair made by Falcon Acoustics on the end of an LP12/ARO/Troika and Nait 50. I am very pleased indeed with them.

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Lovely pair of speakers, @graham55. However, these are out of budget, and the seller does not have one… I know it’s a graveyard list of speakers, but these from list are currently awailable. :slight_smile:

Are you able to find a used pair of Linn Kans?

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Hi @Christopher_M unfortunatly at this moment there are no Kans around…

This is a shame because I imagine that if they were wall mounted either side of your colour monitoring screen(s) they could be good.

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How about a pair of Heybrook HB1s or HB2s?

A few others to look out for - Royd (all), Dean Alto, Diesis Solitaire, Ruark Sabre.

The Diesis Solitaires and Ruark Sabres are fairly closely related and work very nicely with the original NAIT. They are sealed boxes so can be wall mounted too. Just be sure the source is not overly bright or uncontrolled up top as they can otherwise tip towards a bit of brightness, although I’m sure age and time will have mellowed them somewhat these days.

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Richard thanks, there are Royd Coniston’s in the shop, but they didn’t seem to be my design, for no reason. What are your thoughts on these?

The Conistons are ok, but not Royd’s best. For a little more I prefer Royd Edens or Minstrels. For a lot more I love the Sorcerers, but that’s a different story…

I’m sure @Adam.Meredith can give his view here - IIRC, back in the day he reviewed the Royd A7s and the Conistons and preferred the A7s even though they were cheaper at the time.

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I have the modern equivalent of these (Spendor SP1/2) and they sound sublime with a Nait 1, Nait 2 and Nait 50 with streaming sources as well as Rega and LP12 turntables.

Check the condition of the drivers on the BC1 (or whatever version it is) and you should be more than happy with them.

You will also need stands for them. As a temporary budget solution, IKEA Oddvar stools (without the seat board) on cheap spikes and with some low-cost isolation pads are a great way to get started.

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