Screen Freeze Update?

Best to get in touch with Naim support as I know they wish to hear from anybody who is still having this issue.

Along with 2 random reboots from the ndx2 today. After the first one, the remote volume was set to zero, which meant no sound. Took a while to figure that one.
Second one meant I had to repair the remote.
I was streaming Kraftwerk and comparing with the vinyl version. Which at least played without turning itself off and on.

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…and so it came to pass. Screen freeze returns in time for winter.


The next firmware update is going to fix the screen freeze so I’m told from Naim via email. Out in 2 weeks. 3.5.2 apparently.
Makes me wonder what 3.5.1 was all about?

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I think every firmware update has tried to do this since the beginning of time :wink: :smiley:

Well ok, maybe not quite that long but Naim has not covered itself with glory with this issue, though to be generous the last update has worked for me so far.

Just when I had almost forgotten about the big freeze… it’s back! Luckily I still have my old Rega kit so might wind the technology clock back a couple of decades! Clunky but reliable.

I did post slightly prematurely about the last update working fine for me. I have had a few instances of the Star rebooting for no reason, two of the instances were within about 20 mins of each other then it has worked fine since then. However, today the screen froze and needed a reboot to clear. Still sounds good though and a great improvement of it being frozen 50% of the time when I turned it on again in the morning.

Screen freeze too today on my Nova with 3.5.1

I did not had many screen freeze but I am getting unpatient and start to think it’s an hardware issue that can’t be solved by software.

Please contact Naim support to let them know about this, giving as much surrounding details as possible. Thanks.

I did already yesterday. However, not many details to provide, I was just streaming from Qobuz and when I changed to webradio, the screen was still showing the cover from Qobuz.
however I could see the volume change.

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Having contacted Naim numerous times and at their request emailed them downloaded system files each time the freeze happened I’ve lost confidence in them ever being able to fix the freeze.


I gave up contacting Naim support directly as no progress was ever made, my dealer offered to help and this got things moving with Naim.


Well, I can sure you they’re working on it and trying very hard to ensure the issue is solved. That’s why getting as many people who have the issue to contact support is so important as the information helps the software engineers to try to replicate the issue. The beta team are busy testing too.

From a 35 year Naim user. This has to end, its embarrassing and unacceptable.


Same experience here.

Me too wrote them twice nothing good happen to solve it…I’ve got ticket nomber only

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When did you write them? The reply with the ticket number is automatic, then it takes a bit until they write back, currently longer due to pandemic (it says is in the ticket number reply email too). They always wrote back, but it took 2 weeks in the current case I have open with them (my first email was from end of October and I received the replay just a few days ago). Cut them some slack, we are all in this together. If they don’t get back to you, reply to the ticket number email and ask.

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It’s freezing up north.



In for a harsh winter…

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Fingers cross for my new NDX2 when it arrives next week. I’ve always been pleased with Naim service.

My mind was somewhat blown by Apple this week though. A cracked screen on a 16 inch Mac Pro saw it collected on Monday, off to Eastern Europe, repaired and back with me this morning. I was half thinking of seeing it after Christmas! Oh…and under warrantee.