Screen Freeze Update?

Naim Staff

Jan 23

“Hi, we’ve developed a fix for this this rare issue – it’s available now in Beta if anyone needs it urgently (via Tech Support), but otherwise will be available very soon in a software update - we’ll keep people updated on that. Many thanks”

@naimadmin are you any further forward on this? I know winter is approaching but my brand new NDX2 screen has been frozen for weeks now.




If you turn off the screen in preferences, you won’t know its frozen!
Not a real solution though.I too thought the fix would have been available by now.

I thought I’d once signed up for beta testing, but only got a single email many moons ago about the iOS app not the firmware.

I guess some people might not want to be official beta testers but would try a beta if it were freely available to download along with the current release firmware if they wanted to revert. Oppo used to do that kind of thing from memory, as I suspect other manufacturers do in various nbon hi-fi areas.

It is off. Recovering from standby it momentarily reminds me of its frozen status.


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Dident realise it affected the NDX2 as well as the Unitis, I thought I’d escaped when I traded in my Nova last week! Having said that no freezes here as yet.

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A mate traded his Nova moving to another brand, he had enough…my Star has been fine but haven’t upgraded software through fear of the same issues.


Beta testers don’t get emails about firmware betas. You look in the beta tester forum room on the Forum (which you can only see if you are on the beta tester list). Links to firmware betas are posted there along with the subsequent discussion between beta testers and Naim staff.

If you are a beta tester can’t see the beta tester room in the forum then send an email to and Will will sort it out.



Thanks David

I’ve never had access to that forum room, perhaps my interest in beta testing was felt to be for the iOS app rather than the Uniti firmware. I’ll chase it up at some point again.

There’s a new update for the Unitis, including the Star here:

N.B This release will be followed in coming weeks by a Firmware update for our network players – ND 5 XS 2, NDX 2 and ND 555 – that addresses some minor bug fixes, plus also adds Apple AirPlay 2 support

Thanks Richard. I got this through on email but don’t see any mention of screen freeze?

New: Internet radio stations can be stopped and resumed by pressing the pause button

Fixed: Front panel display would not always switch on
Fixed: Front display does not time out so quickly during playback
Fixed: Music from UPnP server would sometimes be visible in the Naim app but would not play
Fixed: Front panel would not always offer rescan option if DAB had not yet been scanned
Fixed: Swiping through tracks on Naim app would sometimes select wrong track
Fixed: Missing bit rate and depth information on USB and UPnP input
Fixed: Tidal logout via Naim app
Fixed: Uniti Star would occasionally fail to play from its music store
Fixed: DAB stations list would sometimes be missing some stations after a rescan
Fixed: Last played DAB radio station resumes on input selection
Fixed: DAB radio stations list would occasionally be truncated after station scan


Graeme, I assume it’s covered in the opening statement - …fixing a range of display and usability issues…

Thanks Richard. Let’s hope so! It’s such a brilliant sounding machine.


Great news,
I’m afraid of this currently update I mean change SQ🤞🏻

I’ve updated the firmware ib nt atom this afternoon to fin the screen freezing on boot now ! seem like a step backwards :frowning:

Going by the experience of past firmware updates/fixes I plan to sit back and wait to see what transpires in terms of reports regarding sound quality and if the fix actually works.
I currently run two Novas the one I didn’t update last time hasn’t put a foot wrong, no screen freeze or other problems. Will be interesting to see if this time Naim get it right, I would certainly hope so as we have waited long enough.

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Have you done a power cycle?

Yes eventually the menu came up I was hoping a firmware update was going to remove the need for full power resets( unplug and plug in again)

Had the update actually completed? My installation rebooted several times and ran “Updating” more than once. I was nearly caught out thinking it had finished.

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So I dared and updated firmware to the current version I do not regret, my star sounds great in the foreground is the smoothness and better channel separation the vocal sound more natural and the sound stage is precise wide and leaning deeply forward which makes a really nice experience.

I’m new here, didn’t have any troubles with the freezes until the last firmware, it freezes the whole time since. Not happy as it was working perfectly fine, had the atom since march. Feel like trading it in for an old fashioned naim amp and simple alternative streamer.
Plz advice!