Seaker cable specs

I just got the specs for my speaker cables and would like to know if their with in the
parameters needed to be to a good fit from my Uniti Atom to my Focal Aria 926’s?
Capacitance 85 pH per. meter
Resistance 7.63 mOhm per. meter
Inductance 11.13 uH per. meter
My cables are 2 meters long.


Thanks for any help

you should ensure that the cable is low capacitance and of moderate inductance. High capacitance &/or very low inductance cables are to be avoided at all costs and may result in damage to your amplifier.

NACA5 specifications are as follows:

Capacitance: 16pF per metre
Resistance: 9 milliohms per metre
Inductance: 1uH per metre

Minimum length: 3.5 metres per channel
Maximum length: 20 metres per channel (note that longer lengths can be used up to around 25 m but then some small signal loss must be expected)

From the FAQ at

Are you sure that yours has an inductance of 11.13 uH per meter? That’s 11 times the inductance of NACA5. Capacitance is 5 times higher.

But 2 meters of your cable has the same inductance as the maximum of 20 meters NACA 5, so I suppose it’s in the envelope. How it sounds with electrical specs this different, I have no idea

I have read both of those so what your saying is they have to be those exact numbers?
I got the numbers for my cable from the manufacture.

I’m not saying that a different cable has to have the exact specs per meter as NACA5, but the values of the actual length that you use should probably fall within the recommended range of values as defined by the recommended lengths of NACA5.

The recommended minimum of NACA5 for classic amps is 3.5 meters, ideal are 5-10 meters, maximum is 20 meters. Equipped with the powers of multiplication and knowing the specs of NACA5 per meter, we can calculate the recommended minimum and maximum for the inductance and capacitance. Though the Unitis are less critical.

Like I said, 2 meters of your cable fall within this recommended range, so this should be fine and the Atom will most likely be fine with it and not overheat or anything. On the other hand, the cable has a very different construction from NACA5, so I have no idea how well it works in practice - up to your ears. If I were you, I would at last compare with a cable that is more similar to NACA5.

Thanks that’s great information I have been trying them today and the Atom has no real heat to speak of nice and cool and this combination sounds amazing wide and deep soundstage well balanced and outstanding detail.

Just wanted to make sure I’m not doing any damage.


Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Why use cables that are so utterly different from the sort of things usually used with Naim? The construction is different, the specifications are different. There are lots of compatible cables; Tellurium Q, Chord, Witch Hat and of course Naim’s own A5. Why use something weird and wonderful when you could use something tried and tested? Just because your Atom doesn’t blow up doesn’t mean it’s operating as designed.


The cables are Made by Audio Sensibility.

Thanks, you have given me something to think about at the moment I have these cables
and a pair of Oyaide Across 2000 I’ll see if I can find the Specs for them they are much similar construction to the Naim A5. I also think I’ll pick up a pair of the Naim A5’s next week and see how they sound.The one thing about the cables I have hooked up now sound amazing

Thats correct

Are you sure you haven’t misread “Inductance 11.13 uH per. meter” instead of either

Inductance 11.13 nH per. meter
Inductance 0.13 uH per. meter

Given the construction, those figures are more likely.

Here are the numbers I was given
26 pF/ft.
2.25 mOhm/ft.
3.4 uH/ft
Then multiply by 3.2744 to get values in meters.

Ok I just checked again with the manufacture and he cave me the correct
Inductance is 1.11 uH/meter so thats much closer.

That’s more realistic and ok with 2 meters for an Atom as well, most likely. The capacitance is still high, but probably not excessive. I’m pleased that you will at least compare A5’s :slight_smile:

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