Sean Jacobs Power Cables

There appears to have been plenty discussion of Sean Jacobs power supplies but much less about his power cables. I did find @Michaelb comments about a preference for Sean’s cables over Naims offerings and preferring copper to silver.

I am particularly interested in synergy with Innuos Starement Next Gen but have posted in hifi corner to widen a request for feedback to cover Naim equipment too.

I am considering a wholesale change of all of my legacy UK plugs and music works block to a Schuko set up. I might be entirely wrong but I assume there would be good synergy between Sean’s power cable and his power supply (in the Innuous) but I have no idea how good they might be with the Naim equipment and if a fully wired power block might make sense.

Any feedback on the leads/block/synergy, particularly how they might compare to Naim, Chord or Audioquest would be appreciated - not looking for discussion of the power supplies though, thanks…

I can audition Chord and Audioquest options via my dealer but the shipping and EU transit makes auditioning Sean’s cables more problematic.

Do you mean Sean’s?

Are you based in the UK, EU (or elsewhere)?

You may wish to buy one or more of Sean’s power cables as you can return them if you do not like what they do in your system, iirc.

I have one of Sean’s Powerblack cables.

In my all-Naim system I prefer the Powerblack to a Naim Powerline Lite; but I much prefer a Naim Powerline to the PowerBlack cable e.g. supplying my 555DR or my Supercap.

But these results will vary for other people preferences and rooms and systems.

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A couple of years’ back, I swopped out the Powerlines on my 552DR & 500DR for the Sean Jacobs Power Black IEC Cables. They are still there, and to me they give a more detailed, sweeter, open sound, without losing the Naim boogie…works for me :smiley:


Ooops, corrected.

Elsewhere - Andorra, so anything from UK incurs EU transit costs, then customs fees and duties. Not a problem for a purchase but it makes returns of demo pieces expensive as, in addition to another round of EU transit fees, it’s all but impossible to recover the import payments.

I use a Sean Jacobs PowerBlack IEC with my Nova and it gives a very noticeable uplift to the sound. I didn’t try a Naim Powerline but as the Sean Jacobs IEC was less than 25% of the cost of the Naim cable, I didn’t bother!


Interesting. Did you try the silver at all?

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I was more than happy with the Blacks and their price point vs performance. I am pretty sure the Silver would be even better, however for 3 - 4 times the cost I didn’t pursue at that time. Maybe I should have as I live pretty close to Sean (and have visited him a few times)…so would have been really convenient for me to try a few different cables out. Having said all that I am good with the Blacks.

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Have you looked at the Sean Jacobs distribution Block (hydra)?

One option would be to use/order it with a large solid silver inlet cable from wall to block and then copper outlet cables from the block to the equipment.


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If you’re in the UK, Sean will send you both to try (you only pay for postage). I preferred the propulsiveness, dynamics and textural detail of the copper. If you like smooth above all, you may prefer the silver.

I have his distribution block (more than one actually) and have a very high opinion of them.


Ah! We have just arrived in Ordino for our first ever visit to Andorra.

My goodness you have a beautiful Principality (or is it country).

18C, cloudless blue sky, sweet air and views like this:

A fine way to live.
p.s. Apologies for picture quality. It would have been better if the iPhone was on charge via a Sean Jacobs Power Black cable…

Best regards, BF


Would be a great plot twist if Elfer lives in that valley :slight_smile: Looks like a lovely spot for a break!!


I was curious about the block too, certainly an option I’m considering. The sticking point at the moment is relatively little feedback and try before I buy is not feasible unfortunately.

Welcome!!! I am just on the other side of the smaller mountain in the centre foreground, about 10 minutes drive from Ordino; or at least I will be when I get home at weekend. How long are you there for?

The view from home…


Lovely, Elfer.
We are regular visitors to the Corbieres region of southern France, so have decided to visit Andorra for 2 days as a first exploratory trip. We will probably visit again in September, especially if you need someone to transport Sean Jacobs cables from the UK!

Best regards, BF

I appreciate the offer, shame I’m not home at the moment to say hello. I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay, maybe next time a coffee/beer could be in order!

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And wow

I use the Music Line Powerigel MK 1 which AFAIK used the standard (very cheap) Naim power cables which I think doesn’t use any shielding.

The Powerigel MK 2 uses Naim Power Line cables, I’m not sure if these are shielded or not.

I don’t think MusicLine make the Powerigel anymore but you can still find them secondhand.

The Sean Jacobs cables have shielding.

Powerigel Mk 1

Powerigel MK 2

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I preferred the original Powerigel to the Super version, and the Sean Jacobs Power Block to both… So I sold my Powerigel…