Second System - Streamer + Amp

Will soon be relocating my main system from bedroom to lounge and I know I’m going to miss it loads. I think I’ll leave the ATC SCM11 speakers in the bedroom as they seem a great fit, and buy something bigger for the main system when it moves out.

I love the look of the old Naim units, CB and Olive, and I think the shoebox size is neat. But I’m open to anything really. Only source will be streaming and remote control of volume and streaming is essential as is internet radio, but doesn’t have to be native. Would prefer to stick with Naim but open to other brands if more appropriate for the DAC/streaming side.

So existing SCM11 speakers (preferably) plus new (or P/l) DAC/streamer and amplification. What would you do with a budget of £2k?

Unitiqute? What streaming sources do you currently use?

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Currently have a 272+555DR into 300 (non DR) and very happy.

Do you have a upnp server set up with the 272? Using tidal, qobuz? Eg if you already have upnp and you only use tidal then that works with the unitiqute. If you want qobuz then you need something else to feed the uq (but then that goes for the 272 too so maybe not a consideration).

I’d start with a uq2 and then add a nap100 if the atc speakers seem troublesome.
Or you could get something olive or cb say 72/hicap/140 or 62/110 or whatever combination. And then add something like a blusound node 2i which will stream everything.

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I think it depends on whether or not you want the extra functionality of the current Naim streamers. Better WiFi, support for more services etc. If so, an Atom is the obvious answer, or you might get a used Star if you can push the budget a little.
If you’re happy with the 1st gen. streamers 272/200 would be nice, but maybe a bit pricey. 172/200 would be in budget, and I think is an underrated system. NDX/Supernait is also not so far over budget if you look at earlier models.
Obviously you can substitute pretty much any vintage Naim amp here, but it isn’t going to match the streamer.

A Superuniti would fit the bill nicely.


Many thanks for replies.

I’m only streaming Tidal. I use my iphone and ipad to select songs so are these devices acting as the upnp server? I don’t have any music stored on disc.

I’m happy with the older generation streaming platform, in some ways it’s better cos it will match with my 272 on the main system. I’m more concerned with SQ so happy to consider a 172/272/NDX etc

Yes, the old gen streamers will be a visual match. In other respects (multiroom compatibility, app control) it’s fine to mix them up. Another reason you might consider a current gen. streamer is that they are more reliable with online streaming, and (at a price) bring improved sound quality, but as you know where you are with your 272, there are certainly bargains to be had if you’re happy with the 1st gen. models.

No, a UPnP server is only for streaming locally stored files.

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Is the UnitiQute2 the same size as the old CB/Olive shoebox units? Presumably such a system could be upgraded over time e.g.

  • UnitiQute2 stand alone then add:
  • shoebox power amp then add:
  • shoebox pre amp then add:
  • shoebox power supply etc

If you are just streaming from tidal, then that is supported by the uq2. I can’t think of a better 1 box solution for the £, it’s well under your budget, though matching with your atc speakers might not be ideal (or might be ok I have no direct experience with these speakers). Of course your budget allows for speaker replacement as well.

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Just found this. They look good together imo. I think the opportunity to upgrade with some classic Naim units and have all the functionality of Tidal streaming is very appealing.

Height might be different but I think width is the same. Sure I’ve seen a photo of uq2 plus nait2 somewhere…




Do you really want vintage olive/chrome bumper, or is it the shoebox style that appeals? Given that there is no shoebox source except the Unitiqute, and there is no remote control on the older amps, a newer black shoebox system might suit your needs better. In this case I would consider starting with a Unitiqute, although I’m not sure how well it will drive your ATCs. You can then add a 100 for a bit more power (although there are mixed opinions on what this does for sound quality.) Then you can add a V1, which is a great match for the 100 and will be a nice upgrade on the DAC in the UQ.

Yes of course I’d forgotten about the remote which is important. So the 100 and V1 are also good options.

That said the visual appeal of the CB is such that I might just learn to live without a volume remote…

We have recently had an extension built which took around 5 months. As it impacted the entire house, I packed the main system (NDS, 2x555, 552, 300) away and ran a UnitiQute instead. As I had nowhere safe to store my main speakers (Wilson Benesch Vectors) I left them in-situ. The UnitiQute far exceeded my modest expectations of what I thought it would be able to do with them. The combination was ridiculously good. The Vectors are 89db and 6ohm so a bit more sensitive than the ATCs I guess but don’t be fooled by the apparent modesty of the 'Qute. It’s a great little box and now serving as the main source in the extension with, it has to be said, far more modest and nowhere near as good-sounding speakers!



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That system looks familiar! Both still in use, and UQ2 on (local) streaming duties feeding my freshly serviced Nait2.

Agree with Chris’s comment, if you plump for a used UQ, then I’d budget for a NAP100 to power ATC speakers.

Yeah I found and linked your post, I think it looks very smart together. The UQ2 might be my favourite naim box.


Many thanks. Agree, I like the visual contrast of the pairing, and they both sound rather good together - the UQ makes a surprisingly good transport.

Yes, the UQ, it is a superb little box of tricks, and after owning quite a few Naim items over the years, the Nait2 and UQ2 are two firm favourites.

As an aside, I know it may well be overlooked and superfluous to some, but I find the Bluetooth facility very useful when streaming podcasts over Wi-Fi from my iPhone.