Serial number: 447525

The 555 dr on the famous auction site has that serial number: 447525
The Nd555: 448474

What are the dates ? Is 20 k euros for both a good price?


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see the link below for dates

i.e. 430302 - 450416 2018
Best to search on ebay for ND555 SOLD items to get a rough price

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That would be 2018 manufacture…….as for the price……Signals have a 2018 head unit at £9750 with warranty……add a new 555 ps and you would still be under 20 k euros……so sounds a bit pricey?


That’s NZ$34K here, and a new head unit is $38K, so it does seem well over priced.

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Just did a search on ebay completed ND555 items and got 1.5k, 4k and 4k GBP. First looks like a pricing error, the other two looks like scams. Shame!

I noticed the scams get more and more professional with “photoshopping” and such. Powerful tools these days to make it look real. Be careful.

Yeah on an expensive item like this I’d want dealer or collection only if buying online.

Seems there’s a few of us keeping an eye out for one :grin:

If I had 10k to spend that Signals ND555 looks superb.

I’ve bought two used naim boxes from Signals in the past and both were mint condition. Pleasure to deal with.

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Community shopping now. Whatever next?

Signals are awesome

You’ll be hard pushed to find a better dealer than Signals.
I’ve purchased ex demo/used from them and never had a problem.

I’ve just been dealing with the best scam ever. Luckily I didn’t transfer any money but many will likely do. Thing is I asked for a paper with a written text to be placed on the box. I got the picture and it looked real. I even got an original receipt with serial nr on it and everything look legit. But there was a UK Powerline in a picture which never felt right since sold units where I live include Schuko and there is no reason having a UK plug here. Doing google pic search I eventually found the original add in the UK… Scary stuff. New level of scamming…

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I’d always collect anything like that unless it’s from a Naim dealer.

Thing is this person even claimed we could meet. What was the plan for that…? :scream:

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Could have been he was going to say something came in the way but that he can send it free of charge. Might have worked.

Likely so yes :money_with_wings:

I don’t see 44….numbers. 43, 45 yes.

They probably don’t ship to France, here the problem.

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Thanks Gazza. I just sent them a message.