Serial numbers

Does anyone know why some serial numbers begin with “88” and not “4” something. This seems to be on discontinued equipment sold as new.

I believe these are items built and owned by Naim employees.

This thread may be helpful;

Note NeilS’s comment; “88 numbers are specials for in-house builds, photography, prototypes, all sorts really.”

How can they be sold as new then by dealers?

And do they have the same warranty period on registration with Naim, that is 2 years plus 3 years giving 5 in total?

Maybe it is new, just not from a regular production run. Best to ask the dealer, and if still in any doubt, speak with Naim directly. What is the product in question?

Supernait 2 - the dealer states the warranty is the 2 plus 3 on registration.

No idea, I’m afraid. Probably best to ask Naim.

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