Service cost 500 dr

Hi I am thinking of buying a secondhand 500 dr has any got any idea of what it cost to have it serviced

Around 1000GBP per box is the 2022 pricing I’ve seen. Given price increases lately my guess is bit more today.

  1. Price per box. I believe only Naim perform service on NAP500 today.

I recently had my 250 serviced, by Class A and the cost was around £300.

I would expect a 500 to be… ‘more’.

I’m pretty sure Class A don’t service the 500’s.

Yes expect to pay approx. £1,000 per box.


The NAP500 is a lot more complex in its construction. I think only the factory and possibly Chris West at AV Options will work on the 500.


Silly question…
When service (re capping) is to be done. Can this be done with 500ps only?
This should be more simple I guess?
Same with 552?

Asking for 552 as well as I am currently looking for a service option for 552ps

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My NDS is coming up to ten years so getting close.

Is it still recommended to service streamers if they are functioning well?

Thanks Richard - I know the timeframes.
My question is.
What is part of service - both units or only psu? And is psu easier to be done (e.g. locally).
The 500 head unit looks like a massive Lego build - no doubt that this is hq only service

Edit: have read the post again - thanks. I will check with naim germany or other service points and give it a try.
Can send it to uk also - if I keep the 552, there will be a spare 52 available :o)

Steve doing some magic with his wireless Multimeter! :smile:

My guess is that the box that mostly benefit from the service is the ps box having all those huge caps.

NDS has a bunch of Tantalum caps. I assume it’s those they replace but I would focus on the 555PSDR caps first and foremost.




Think it is the same with 552

Yes 552ps is similar.


Not sure about Streamers, but for CD Players I think the advice is to leave alone, unless there are faults.

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If @Darran sees this I am sure he can/will tell us…!!

I’ve asked Class A in the relatively recent past and been told no - 500 series is back to base only.

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Richard, so Focal-Naim in Montreal cannot service 500 series components? Or just 500 DR?

I don’t know David. Best to check with them.

What’s that saying, “If you have to ask…”

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Chris West / AV Options services 500DRs but the cost is eye-watering. (like $7200 for head unit and PSU). However, it’s not just a service but what he calls a rebuild service, and I think that involves rather a bit more.

Of course in the U.S. anything Naim is quite a bit more costly than in the UK.

This is what the price list states:


Our rebuild services include replacement of many circuit board and chassis parts in the process of reconditioning the whole amplifier. This is a very detailed overhaul, followed by rigorous testing and tuning of the amp circuits. Listening tests are an integral part of our thorough process during which no stone is left unturned!


Focal/Naim North America services mostly everything. I’m not sure about the 500 series. I’m not sure how AV Options even stays in business with their extremely high pricing when Focal/Naim North America services products for a LOT less.