Shall I shan’t I get a 552

May I ask what speakers are you using.

Did the same last year. Replaced my 252 with a 552 .
Well with the upgrade

Hi, I am using ATC SCM19s (curved) at the moment, but over the time I have used Naim amps/NACs I have used several brands including Harbeth, Acoustic Energy, Russel K and PMC… all have their respective strengths and compromises.
Headphones, again several including Sennheiser and Grado but my current go to are a pair of Meze Empyreans (truly outstanding),

I guess looking at it I have have tended to favour more analytical speakers which allow me all listen ‘into’ rather than listen ‘to’… I guess we all have out listening preferences, and I enjoy music mixing and production.


The 552 will give pretty much everything to you whether you like it or not…so it needs to be reapected…it is pretty much designed and made for the 500 and as such should be seen as a whole… Its a great preamp…and works well with other naim amps…

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Hi - Apologies for off-topic reply. I saw your post on Gyrodeck “what on earth” thread (which is now closed unfortunately). I read that you had to remove the bearing reservoir from the sub-chassis in order to remove the oil that had overflowed into the thread? I am having to do the same but can not budge the screw. Did yours come lose easily? How much force did you need to apply? Cheers - Ian

Welcome @ian5 ! I think you can always ask @Richard.Dane to reopen old threads, I believe via email to Naim support, marking the email for Richard’s attention? It’s a bit of an indirect approach, but there are very few true HiFi emergencies :slight_smile:

If it’s one of your own threads then flagging it is an option, as mentioned here: Naim Mains/Power cable - #7 by Richard.Dane

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Hi Ian, so sorry for the late reply - my notifications for posting must not be working!

The Gyrodec I bought was a direct lockdown purchase from Michell Engineering themselves, so I actually had a wonderful time cutting my teeth in turntable building the Gyrodec myself. As such, I did not screw the bearing into the sub-platter too tightly, but as I remember, the bearing had a score across it that looked like it would accept a 2p coin… The thread is regular (not reversed) as I remember, so just give it some welly and I’m sure it will unscrew (though after all this time, I’m sure the problem is long solved…). I actually ended up trading the Gyrodec in for another Great British marque, so don’t have it anymore, but it did truly wonderful things for it’s outlay - amazing with it’s Technoarm and Hana MH cartridge…


I have yet to hear or read one criticism of the NAC 552. It’s stupid good. Setup is so important though but you wouldn’t drive an f1 car on all season tyres now would you.

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Hi Khan

Quick Q - do you still have your 52?


Unfortunately not. My system is going through yet another transition. I really do regret selling it though. It was a true gem. Still got the 135s

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Do you have a preamp now?

Don’t hesitate it will be the best upgrade you can make….


I have a 52 now, Bert.

I’d love a 552 but have just blown the budget on a new house.


I don’t, I may get a NAC 72 in the interim. Until I can afford a 52 again or perhaps a 552

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Yup, everything is super expensive these days. I went on a dinner date and spent £400. Hifi doesn’t seem too expensive in comparison now. :smile:


Wow - that sounds like Ramsey at Royal Hospital Rd.

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Lol no Zuma in Knightsbridge

No criticism, but caution against hyperbole … it’s good, but not ‘magical’ … I certainly would give it a go, I enjoyed mine, however if you really enjoy the 252 DR you might not totally gel with the 552DR without some system, speaker or room adjustment… I did think some things were done better on the 252 DR compared to my 552DR with real world recordings.
The 552DR however is a breeze to setup compared to the 252DR… that is some of what you are paying for with the 552 with suspended internal frame etc. the 252 DR can be a PITA to get sounding its best… with Fraim etc.


I would agree with you that hifi reviews and impressions are often filled with hyperbole. When in reality there can be that feeling of ‘is that it’. However having owned the 552DR and other high end amplifiers I will say it was the only one that truly impressed me. Once it settled in I was addicted to my system and I just couldn’t break away. This is not an exaggeration.

The NAC52 at less than half the price had a similar effect on me. Although not as revealing, visceral or textured as the 552 it was somehow just as entertaining. I enjoyed the 252 (non DR) but never to the level of the 52 or the 552DR.


It’s good to try these things… however the DR was a game changer for the 252… the non DR 252 (ie non DR SuperCap) just sounded kind of lack lustre… the DR, in my opinion, was the tonic that really opened up the 252 to show its true potential.

I guess if I am honest a slightly regret now having sold my 252DR which I did when I traded to the 552DR… but I had to scratch that itch…