Should I replace the Tidal streaming function of NAC N272 with Wiim mini?

Does anyone have experienced Wiim mini?

I have been using N272 + 250DR for over 2 years. And, I feel tired of NAC N272 due to its malfunctioning with Tidal.

Possibly, it could be one option, I hope, to use Wiim mini to stream digital signals into N272’s internal DAC.

Theoretically, this should not deteriorate the overall quality of sound.

What is your opinion?

This will be interesting, I’m was just about to buy a 272 but have been reading a few issues regarding tidal , can I ask if your hard wired or using WiFi?

Hard wired, of course

If you are planning to use Tidal, N272 should not be an option.


Would you recommend buying one primarily for pre amp/ streaming tidal or do you think look elsewhere in your experience, or put it this way , would you buy one now ?

Ah I see our posts crossed , thank you

I had a Wiim mini as a stop-gap when my ND5XS was back to Salisbury. I wasnt using the Naim DAC, but using Chord Qutest. For me the Wiim didnt deliver sonically. Difficult to put a finger on it, but just seemed dull and lifeless. Also found the software sluggish.

I believe a Primare NP5 or Halo Audio Red would be a much better choice than a WiiM (although more money!)
I believe either of these may actually improve on the sound quality provided by the internal streaming board.

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I had a Wiim pro to feed the DAC of my SuperUniti. Not because of Tidal, which runs perfectly fine on the SU. I used it for internet radio, as the SU does not deliver more than MP3-quality here. And internet-radio through the Wiim was obviously much better that the same in the SU.
BUT: any other source, let it be Tidal or my own ripped CDs, sounded so much better when streamed through the SU not using the Wiim.
So the message is that you will get very good internet radio, but the Tidal streams will be worse than what you get from the 272. You may want to check the pre-amp for updates etc, it should work as good as a SU.

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Since my 272 often freezes up on Tidal or skips or doesn’t play at all or whatever, I bought a Wiim Mini.
I now have Tidal Connect and I’m much happier! The 272 can do 96kHz/24 bit, but I’ve activated 44.1kHz/16bit because I don’t have a HiFi Plus subscription anyway.
As I don’t need analogue from the Wiim and no cinch connections, I don’t need the Pro either. Apart from the connections and RJ45, I don’t think there’s any difference anyway. And another plus point, I connected it to the USB of the 272 and it works perfectly.
I can even address Soundclound via the Wiim Home app and the thing can do 5 Ghz.

A no brainer at this price

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Interesting, as the 272 USB input is not designed to work in this way and usually only works with iOS devices or memory sticks, so the usual way of connecting would be via SPDIF.

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