Should I use a Naim Interconnect with a non-Naim source

I’m a nutty Naim fan and want to use Naim 5-pin interconnects with my non-Naim sources to my NAC-62.

Right now I use rca/phono terminated cable and an rca(f)-din(m) adapter plugged into the 62.

If I use the Naim interconnect I’d still need an rca(m)-din(f) adapter to use at the source end.

Apart from looking for a Naim CD player, any thoughts ?

Use any interconnect you like. There are chord ones that are rca phono on the source end and din for the amp, if you want to lose the adapters.


Naim make phono and phono to DIN cables, as do some others, notably Chord. Why use adapters when you could just get a properly terminated cable.


I bought some bright red Chord Cable Shawline interconnect recently, and have been very impressed.

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You should for purity’s sake bin the non-Naim source ang get a Naim source. If you are a proper Naim nutjob then it’s traitorous to infect the PRAT chain with illegal aliens. Don’t PRAT about. For the love of Naim, do the right thing.


As other have said, try Chord. Not silly money though…

I have a variety of non-Naim sources and in all cases I have found the old Chord Chrysalis or the Naim lavender/grey RCA -DIN interconnects to be my favourites. They just work really well in a Naim system. Although Chrysalis is discontinued by Chord, you can still pick them up secondhand pretty easily. It was replaced by Chord Crimson, which is fine, but I much prefer Chrysalis.

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I only have one source that isn’t Naim and that’s my Orbe SE/SME V/Dynovector DV20-X2/Dynovector P75 MK 3. Over the years i have tried numerous cables and always come back to the Naim lavender RCA-DIN cables. In fact, the only cables that are not Naim in my system are the 8.5m runs of Chord Epic X.

Naim make RCA to Din cables, for this purpose, I use Chord Shawline which happily can come with RCA to Din and Din toDIN

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Above joking was rather fun reading.

As for using adapters…don’t …never… they are the evil.

Personally I use Rega Couple interconnect with my Rega sources, splendid cables, in fact they are rebranded Klotz.
I do have some Flashback cables from back then, RCA/Phono. Very nice doing the job.


I am on the look out for a used CD5i or Si.

I asked the question because I found a pair of grey din-din interconnects for very reasonable money (£50ea) on the Canadian used market. Had to add them to my collection.

Another good interconnect that goes superbly with Naim especially when using NACA5 speaker cable are DNM interconnects. They are pure copper, come in DIN, RCA combinations and are relatively cheap, but sound gorgeous with superb detail and mids. (In terms of a natural sound with no added brilliance or highlighting.)
You can also get versions with RFI filtering, they cost more, but I find they really work for me.
I am listening using DNM RCA to DIN now between my DAVE and Nait50.


Is it true that Chrysalis and Lavender used the same cable and when it went out of production Naim bought up all the remaining stock, hence no more Chrysalis?

That’s one I think @Pauls is probably best answering…

I found over the years that vertere are superb….

I asked a couple of nearby Ontario dealers and they told me that they don’t stocked the Naim din-din i/c and haven’t seen any in months if not years ?

Look at secondhand sites, such as;

  • Hi-Fi Shark
  • Tom Tom Audio
  • eBay

They do turn up on there every so often.


I suggest that you just get in touch with a respected Naim dealer in the UK - say Cymbiosis in Rearsby (Leicestershire) or Grahams HiFi in Islington (London) - who must be able to supply a Naim or Chord cable, terminated as you wish.

(As you’re non-UK resident, they may even to deduct the VAT from the purchase price, but I don’t know about that.)

I’ve used Chord from Audio T , maybe it’s the Salisbury connection but they seem very happy with RCA,I’m using Chord Shawline from my CD :cd: player and the DAC / Streamer - each usesRCA to output.

So the output is via RCA and the Nait 50 accepts the RCA with DIN

Look for interconects with braided shielding, AR Sound Lunar are as good as they come.