Show us your ATCs

There are currently 3 types of walnut, what are yours? Information Gratefully recoeved, about to buy some but struggling over veneer!

Hi Pete
Did you get walnut, if so, which type? About to buy and struggling with veneers…

Hi Marc ,

Very happy with my standard Walnut veneer , I faffed over the finish I wanted for some time but no regrets . They are really well finished .

Peter .

These pictures are from when I unboxed them .


They look great in walnut.

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Thank you so much for the images Peter, it’s my turn to faff! Much appreciated as it will help me decide. They look great

PeteT, How do you find the Meitner MA3 all in one DAC,Streamer, Pre ?
I’m looking at the ATCSCM50A , and either the Meitner or Esoteric N05 XD.

There is a strong case for these top flight all in one Streamers that do it all in one chassis. Both have rave reviews / customer feedback online forums.

I basically have no need for a traditional Pre amp, I only stream music and have a nice headphone amp already.

Hi , I love the Meitner . It sounds wonderful and drives the ATC’s with ease . I used to avoid digital volume controls but the one on the Meitner maintains the same transparency across all levels , this is quite unique apparently . It’s one of those products that you forget about and just listen to .

The only thing I’m not crazy about is the M connect control software which feels dated . The use of 3rd party software must help keep the price down though and to be fair M connect sounds better than Roon which is another discussion . M connect isn’t a deal breaker though , it works .

I borrowed an Auralic Aries G2.1 to scratch an itch recently as I like their Lightning app ( I have a Vega G2.1 ) and I was really impressed at the lift it gave to the sound quality via USB . Food for thought as the steaming end of products is probably the area that could evolve the most .

Peter .

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What other finishes are you thinking of ?

Well, I’ve moved from pippy Oak (liked the contrast with the black metal) to burr walnut ( now too fussy) to American walnut. The real issue is making it work with the furniture in my room which has a range of mid century furniture with mid tone woods. I can barely believe I’m worrying so much about this, but i have a resident style council of wife and 18 year old (who is the chair of committee and is hugely influencial and stylish!) :rofl: Honestly, this bit is proving so much harder than the choice of speaker. It trounced the Kudo 606s, which have really limited mid range and bass IMHO and to my ‘ear brain combo’. Other opinions (and ears and brains) are available, but i personally think the 606 silky smooth sound is… overrated/flatters to deceive. “For me” :wink:


As far as I’m aware, my speakers are just the standard walnut. Like @Pete.T, I’m very happy with the standard of the finish.


I have quite a lot of Oak here and wanted something a little darker so the Walnut works really well . I also have the grills on so there’s not so much contrast . Have you seen the European Crown cut Walnut that ATC use for the special edition 150 ? It looks really nice and it was something I considered but I haven’t thought about it since . I’ll put a picture below of the SE 150’s . I think that finish is available on 50’s .


Unfortunately one of my bass/mid drivers on my SCM 19 has gone, now just sort of buzzes. It is logged in to ATC for repair, hopefully they can repair it rather than having a new one. BTW anyone have any experience of ATC service department?


I had a problem with the Bass driver on one of my Active 40’s last year . ATC were very easy to deal with and also encouraged home investigation if I felt up to . Probably due to the size of the 40’s . I sent both drive units back and one was found to be sticking slightly , I couldn’t detect this btw . The faulty unit was reconed and I paid £150 for the other one to be reconed to ensure a sonic and visual match . The timescale was about 4-6 weeks I think but they were still dealing with post lockdowns backlog back then .



Absolutely lush.


After much twisting and turning and a family vote, I went for Pippy Oak! So right back where I started…:see_no_evil: