Show us your ATCs

Come on now, there’s a live band playing behind those curtains, isn’t there.
Now, that’s cheating… :grinning:

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You will be amazed by the difference

Very good WW :grinning:

There’s actually a screen behind the curtains. I couldn’t stand looking at a big white expanse when listening.

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Just leg-pulling @philiprst :grinning:

Lovely room and gear !!! :+1:

Thanks so much R :grinning:

This is (almost) the culmination of having bought my LP12 in 1982 and my first Naim 42/110 bought in 1983. Before the ATC SCM40s I owned Linn Kans, Linn Saras, and some Avalon speakers. I think that the ATCs are a very good match to Naim electronics and the Linn/Naim vinyl system more generally. In that context, the ATCs were, for me, better than anything else I auditioned under $12k (although based on my location that was a constrained set).

I did audition the active version which was impressive but I wanted to use full Naim electronics and, to be honest, I have a bias against active speakers in general. That’s based on my experience with active monitors that I have used for music mixing/mastering. I have owned 4 sets of professional-level active studio monitors and 3 of them have failed within 5 years of purchase. Makes me wonder if the inside of a speaker cabinet is a hostile environment for power amps given the heat and vibration.

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Oh, I understood what you meant because I am English and therefore a leg-pulling champion myself.

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I look forward to the cries of outrage at the suggestion that active ATCs would actually fail…

(no woman) no cries )) but I prefer actives

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I’ve just swapped out a passive Naim / ATC system for an active one, and I’ve had those exact same thoughts.

As audiophiles we worry and spend to reduce vibration and increase isolation and here I am spending a fortune on vibrating, hot wooden boxes that have delicate electronic components inside!

But here’s the kick, they sound wonderful.

Are they going to last as long as my old SCM12s? No. But with care and maintenance I’m certain I’ll enjoy them for many, many years.

Fingers crossed!



ATC launches new speakers, for the home market………:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Indeed but with passive speakers how much performance is lost in the cross over. I’m not technical enough to answer that btw, but suspect quite a bit.

Great with have options on passive and active speakers and I hope more of the big brands consider an active option. Something quite nice about a streaming pre with active speakers.

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I heard the new PMC Active range at the Bristol Hifi Show this year. Not to bad at all.


Nice. I think this is the first example of ATCscm40 passives with the NC350 monoblocks that I see here. Tempted! :blush:

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I am about to replace my 222 with a 332 and 333 into my NC250 and 40s. With the NPX300 on the 333, the system sounded awesome. After getting another NPX300, which is my" planned endpoint". Of course, I have said this before.

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The amp packs on SCM 40s are not inside the speaker cabinets. I think that’s true of many if not most of ATC’s active models.


ATC’s response is as follows :

Hi Régis,

I am glad you are pleased with the SCM40A, they are great speakers. There is no problem with the vibrations, the electronics are designed to be rugged and non-microphonic.

Kind regards


Just to be clear; my concern, albeit purely anecdotal, was about longevity rather than performance.


I replaced XLR Mogami 2534 with Wireworld Eclipse 8 between my pre amp and ATC 40A… Incredible the difference! I found the Mogami already good but with the Eclipse it’s two notches above…

Their price is a bit rich for my palate, lol.

I am using 5m runs to ensure equal cable length, as my system is off to the l/h side of the speakers. The Audioquest Red River was £289 for 2x5m lengths.

I find the Wireworld excellent even at the entry level…