Show us your ATCs

Passive 40s with a Nova.


:+1: In white with the grilles on

Just arrived today…HTS7s’

Running them in on the main system before they go in the ‘Bothy’, which is not ready for them yet for another couple of weeks…
Still have their socks and gloves on…sounding pretty good though…

atc hts7


My friends have the same with a Unitiqute , they are really enjoyable .

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I demoed the std SCM7s’ with my NAD streamer amp (that will drive them), the sound was pretty amazing…
The HTS7s’ sound pretty good on the main system. When they are finally wall mounted I am expecting great things. (they are essentially SCM7s’ in a larger/flatter cabinet)
Good to hear your comment, thanks.


Stunning speakers looking superb in white :slightly_smiling_face: i have 40 passive really appreciate their delivery

They work really well with the Nova. I was surprised when my dealer said try it.
I cannot listen at high volumes due to neighbours and have not felt the need to put a NAP 250 on them.


I … Love … my …Atc!


…Looking fantastic!

You may want to update your profile since you still have Dynaudio 20i speakers listed.

Oops and thanks! :wink: ps changed

My beloved SCM20s. Don’t mind being near walls, so they sit either side of the wife’s beloved 16th century settle. With an NDS on the other end and an XS2 with power supply in the middle.


Glad this thread has appeared - many ATC fans in one place…

So here is the question - optimum ATC speakers for a SuperNAIT 3? I need to make allowance for upgrade potential going forwards, probably to a 250, but it may be a while. I was suggested 40s by a dealer, but gather from here previously that the SN3 doesn’t have sufficient ‘drive’?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Scm11 with mine but ultimately room size will dictate…

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I have heard the ATC SCM 7, 11 19 and 40 with a SN 2 in a dealer’s showroom. What I eventually purchased was a pair of ProAC D2D at the time. I then traded them for a pair of Naim S-400 floor standers, and then moved onto a pair of ProAC D30RS speakers with the SN 2.

A year ago I did purchase a pair of SCM 7’s to use with my current system 282/250DR when I moved my system into a smaller room and they sounded outstanding. Kept them in place for 11 months and have now moved back in my ProAc D30RS speakers. The SCM 7’s are a fantastic sounding speaker and deliver much more than their size seems possible.

My suggestions, like many others, will be to demo in the dealers showroom then at home to make sure they work in your environment. I have had the opportunity to do that with all the speakers I have purchased from my dealer.


I have 40’s with SN3,and have no problems as regards it’s ability to drive them,all good .


Bear in mind the dealer’s advice but also consider your room and consider your wallet. Then make your choice.

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Well, I guess it depends what “sufficient drive” means. All the speakers in your list are closed box designs which has a number of advantages (potentially tighter bass for one), but are typically less sensitive. And transient response: a piano key being struck hard, for example, really benefits from a bit of beef in the amplifier department. It’s worth remembering that the active versions of the 40s effectively have 250 wpc of ATC’s amplification up 'em.

A SuperNait will certainly get a nice sound from SCM40s, but to really hear what makes them so special, needs ideally something like a NAP300 or at least a 250. But bear in mind that’s just my experience. Plenty of others will disagree.



Appreciate the insights here, thank you to all. Trying the 40s and similar is probably the best way forwards. An interesting point from Roger - I’ve have had a wonderful (old) pair of floor standing B&W P5s for 20 years. They were always good, but really transformed when I upgraded to the SN3. However, my Adam A5x nearfield monitors (for audio and film editing in the studio) still have more detail than the home system, so the quest will continue and ATC is my preferred direction. Perhaps I will need to go ‘active’?

My suggestion would be to swerve the passive 40’s and a potential 250/300, and use the Supernait 3 into active 40’s. I am biased having the actives, but they are a £800 cheaper option than passive 40’s and a 250dr, let alone a 300…

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That pretty much sums up my experience of the SCM40s. They were on my shortlist for a while, and apart from the looks I really did like them, but although they were OK with a 250DR, they really sang with a 300DR (as most speakers would!), in fact I much preferred them powered by a 252/300 over the active SCM40A.