Show us your ATCs

It’s an interesting one when another contributor tells us how pleased they are with their SCM40s and a Nova.

Rooms and circumstances I guess.


That’s a fair point. I lived quite happily with a Superuniti for a while, albeit with speakers which were an easier load than SCM40s. I guess once you’ve drunk the Kool-aid of Naim separates it becomes hard to settle for anything less.

As mentioned above it is the ability to handle transients that is important.
Nova /Sn3 /250all have 80 watts - same power. What is different is the ability to handle complex music.
This is also where listening volumes. Rooms , Ears and types of music come into the process.


I found the 40a’s worked better in my room than the 40 passives driven by a 300dr.

I run mine with a 552/NDS but any pre and streamer would work well with the actives.

In fact it was one of those rare upgrades that paid me money (sold 300 / superlumina speaker cable / connector) and that more than paid for the 40a’s


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I don’t necessarily think there is a contradiction here.

I love my 40s with the Nova but I don’t doubt they would sound considerably better driven by a 300DR.

Fair enough.

I used a brace of ATC P1 power amps (in vertical bi-amp mode) on my 40’s. To my ears, at higher volumes, particularly when there was a bit of hefty bass, the dual amps helped keep the mid/treble clearer. Of course there might have been a bit of… what’s the word?.. here. :wink:

Playing around with positioning and enjoying the 7s.

I’m aware that my Naim Unitite is maybe a little ‘lite’ for the speakers and am wondering what amps people are using with theirs.

I’ve tried a Roksan Attessa streaming amp which was good. Thinking up to £2000 if it has a streaming section or about £1300 if just an amp.


NAP200DR with mine.

There’s no ‘just’ about a NAP200DR amplifier.

(And, yes, I know that is not what you meant!)

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viewing this thread there appears to be varied speaker positioning, lots of similar speakers up or close to a wall and others very much out in to the room. Are ATC’s that easy to position?

Yes, the majority are sealed box ie no ports and very tolerant of position.


I think they benefit from being moved away from walls if you can, unfortunately, I can’t and I put up with the bass boost. :0(


By comparison with many ported speakers, yes they are easier to position. Eg. I never managed to get ported Kudos C20s to work satisfactorily in my room. But the ATCs still benefit from playing around with positioning (not always easy with the bigger heavier models). I started with my 40s firing across the room, like my previous PMC standmounts and as dealer recommended, but ended up with them firing down the room and with a lot more space around them. The performance definitely improved.


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I sometimes wonder if ATC’s entry level speakers and especially the SCM40s are underpriced, at least in comparison with their competitors. I like the lute shape of the cabinets. So keep that, but wrap them in some top quality veneer, ditch the net-stocking grilles and double the price and I suspect they’d sell loads of them.



You may want to demo a pair of the SCM 11’s. In discussions on the thread earlier it was mentioned that the 7’s required a more powerful amp than the 11’s to get them to perform at their best.

Thanks, but I’ve only just purchased the 7s and I am more than happy with what they do, in the room I have them in. I wanted a speaker that was smaller than the Linn 109s I had and for me, were an improvement over them. I did consider the 11s, but felt they were too big.

I’m considering a new amp, but will only buy when the Lite fails or becomes even more outdated. The Lite is good enough however I do get that the little 7s can give more.





Lovely shot there Chris :+1:


That chair looks really comfy Christopher, what make is it?

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