Show Us Your Classic Ford Cars

Here goes.

My Granada Mk1 still in progress.


Trip down memory lane, my father had one… Caramac exterior, beige or black interior?


It was originally a beige interior but due to the fact that it had deteriorated really badly (no tinted windows probably didn’t help) me and my dad got a Granada Mk2 Ghia interior in brown from a local scrap yard, this is what will be going back in once I get that far.

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Get your trousers on you’re nicked. :+1:t2:


If you are not aware, the Sweeney car is alive and well. :+1:


Love Granadas. Guy near me has a Mk1 & Mk2 Ghia, both in show condition. Can always tell the Cologne V6 heading our way.

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Lovely old Granada!!! So brilliant people like you are keeping these classics alive. As for me I was a child in the 1970’s and fell in love with the Capri thanks to a certain CI5 operative - Bodie!! I honestly think if Ford actually put the Capri back into production (obviously with some modern engineering under the hood) that it would be a big seller even today. I recall begging my Father who had a succession of 1.3 litre Morris Marinas to buy a Capri but he never did…

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My rear wheel drive Sapph.


New Capri? You probably won’t like what’s (allegedly) coming.


Been watching reruns in the afternoon.
I notice the MK3 blue Cortina is only one number different 296.
Sad eh :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ve been watching the reruns too. Yeah, I don’t think the Cortina survived. :confused:

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Marq, your post led me to this - oh no!!!

What on earth are the Ford designers thinking…

Compared to the poetry in motion of this:

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We were given a show and tell by the Ford design team of the then next generation Galaxy and S Max. Well i was struggling to make out any design changes inside or out……looked the same to me. A rather disgruntled designer then pointed out how they had changed the angle on a particular design line by 2 degrees! They live in their own little bubble imo.

Yes, SUVs, it’s what the people want apparently.
For all the talk of a new Capri, ever since the last one finished, I don’t recall any real intent to use the name in the intervening years. There was one concept, if memory serves me right, more of an internal design exercise though, but you could at least see that it was intended to be a Capri.
The harsh reality - there’s no business case for mainstream everyman coupes, nor even traditionally proportioned cars anymore.

One of my brothers is mad keen on all things Ford.

On his behalf I’m keeping a special lookout here for what I understand is a ‘280 Brooklands’.



Rare & pricey.

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So I gather!

Marq, unfortunately you may well be right about there being no business case for mainstream everyman coupes, although thankfully Toyota are still keeping the flame burning!

My last two daily drivers…

On a careful long run I’ve had over 42mpg while normal average is around 35mpg, 143mph, 0-60mph in about 6.3 secs, 200BHP, plenty of luggage space for a week’s shopping or a tour of Europe and enough room in the back for a couple of teenage girls.

What more does any middle aged family man need…


This 1971 Ford 350 GTHO are selling (in mint condition) for over half a million here these days. A friend had one similar to this in the late 80s, he cries every time we mention it. At one stage they were the fastest product car on the planet.