Show Us Your Disc Player!

I am using a Naim CD5X in conjunction with a Naim Flatcap 2X Power Supply.


They did make nice cd players👍


Taking it totally off-topic, what’s the vinyl spinner?
Looks a bit like a Well Tempered Labs …

The Sony’s, with a 3rd Sony further down in the rack (formerly part of a second system); currently unused, but working


CD5X powered by a HiCap DR.


Posted in another thread. My OCD has since tidied the speaker cable.

Rega Saturn 3.

We could find nothing in the upto £2,500 price range that compared.


C.E.C TLOX CD transport


Audiolab 9000 CDT going into the NDX2. It’s a pretty damn good combination.


We tried that as Signals as they still have my CDT9000. Close call and cheaper. But…

My old ears are not so good at the tinkly bits any longer and with my passion for jazz the Rega managed to present the ride cymbals in a more complete fashion.

I use headphones ( Focal and Empyrean )more often now. The small silver box at the bottom is the Trilogy head phone amplifier.

Joys of real old age. It can only get worse😳.

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Nice to see two CD5X.

I’d take a photo of mine, and the CD2, but I’m on the work journey…


I am hoping someone has a 9000cdt into their NDS/CD555PS…….

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My CD5si , when I went to Nait 50 I wanted a simple a system as possible , my CDX2.2 would have needed a DAC .

An Atom HE may go beside the Nait 50 to provide DAC and internet radio and the CDX2.2 restored


Yes it is.


Hi Paul,

I’m using one with NDX2 and XPS DR… can I help?

My CD555 in operation just now.


Here is my CDX2 -


I’m thinking of getting a 9000cdt later this year to use with my NDS but not sure whether I’ll be able to get a home demo. I’m just wondering really how it would compare to a CDS3/XPS2. Wishful thinking on my part to find someone who is using one with an NDS and has heard or replaced the CDS. So just thought I’d throw it out there. It has potential I think to be better than the CDS but who knows?


Hi Paul,

The Audiolab CDT9000 will not sound like a CDS3. I have owned a CDS3 and now on CDS2. I thought about an Audiolab CDT about a 18 months ago. I decided to go for another CDS2. Do you know why? Because it sounds like Naim Olive. The CDS2 is a classic. The CDS3 is excellent but more in keeping with original classic boxes.

I am considering selling my CDS2 for reasons to do with future reliability and the fact I was meant to offset LP12 upgrades against the sale of the CDS2.

It is such a shame that when the mech fails the only way to repair it is to go to 3rd party to see if they can fit alternative or equivalent mech now.

There is something special about Naim CD players.

Will the Audiolab CDT be good? Yes sure it will. Will it have that Naim feel. Nope. Will sound more neutral, but great with NDS.

Ultimately a reliable CD transport makes the most sense. And you will get that with the Audiolab. It also looks quite nice. But not quite as nice as the CDS3 or CDS2. They got the designs spot on for both those CD players.

The CD555 looks a bit too much in terms of looks. But will sound better still!


How does it sound other than very good? Does it have Naim sound signature, foot tapping PRAT or is it very neutral?

Rega Isis S/S
I upgraded from an old Roksan Caspian.