Show us your guitars!

If I were playing it would be the longest 5 minutes in the lives of anyone within earshot!

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Removing the neck from a £27k Gretsch guitar, with a set neck…!!

Scary… :scream:

“The Fool” just sold at auction. I missed out by $100.


Ah that is a pity.

You should have been around when Jackie Lomax sold it to Todd Rundgren for £500.

Seem to recall there was some doubt as to whether Jackie owned the guitar or whether it was just on loan from Clapton.

I got mine! :wink:

I can sell it for 10% of the one at auction…


Cool. Who did the painting? I seem to remember you posting this a few years back. Do you play it much?

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If it was my guitar, I wouldn’t have the work done at all. This would be a collectible for me. I’d take the money I’d saved on not having the work done and buy a modern version for playing.


My thoughts too. But I assume that the neck reset has been requested, prior to selling it, by the present owner…? Their choice.

Hi Winky: A guy in Minnesota - I’d have to search long and hard through my emails to find him. I don’t play it much, but that is more a function of not having time to play anything because of work. He did a great job - the paint job cost a little more than the guitar IIRC.

However, I was also concerned about scratching the paint job on the pickguard, but I recently found and ordered really good cling plastic from an outfit called Strings By Mail (highly recommended, along with Strings and Beyond), and I printed an actual-size SG pickguard template, so I will create a cling to put over the pickguard, which will enable me to play without worrying.

I created one from the same sheet for the Taylor T5Z above because I didn’t want to scratch it either. It shows more in the pic than in person - it was tough because I didn’t really have a template. It’s not perfect, but it will perform the job.

Definetly not my guitars, they belong to a young newcomer called Mark Knopfler and he is selling 120 of his guitars and amps at Christie’s in London on the 31st january 2024, times must be hard for him

I have clear (almost invisible) pickguard on my Larrivee D-09. It’s now 20 years old and still as good as new. I don’t know why they discontinued the idea. I think they’re great.

The T5Z is a guitar I’d like to try. But I have a Godin Montreal Premiere A/E with a piezo under the bridge which overlaps too much in function and tone for me to really serious about it.

I’m with Greta :rofl:


Does that include pickup models?

This one took a bit of work… :astonished:

That dude has mad skills - what an amazing restoration job!

I would love to be able to do that for a living - I probably wouldn’t make any more than I make now, maybe even less, but at least I wouldn’t hate every waking hour.

My luthier here had a guy bring him an LP with a broken neck that was beaten all to hell - someone had “fixed” the broken-off headstock using auto body bondo - looked like pure ass. I doubted whether he could pull it off, but he did. This is next level from that.

But… it took him a whole year. Probably not cost effective… :thinking:

But - yes, a great result.

Very cool. So glad he didn’t try for a “relic” finish.

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Agreed - my thinking is if you want it to look relic, play the hell out of it.

It’s also an easy cop-out when doing a restoration project. Damage something through ham-fistedness? Shrug.

My 2010 Tele still looks pristine. You could sell it off the wall at a guitar shop as a demo. A little more play wear wouldn’t go unappreciated in terms of giving it some character, but I’m determined that it gets it honestly. Should only take another 20 years.

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