Show us your guitars!

I throw left-handed, but that is it. Not sure where that came from…must have some crossed wires somewhere.

The wife and I decided to start learning a few months ago. She’s a righty and I’m a lefty but since we’d be using the same online teaching resource I decided to learn right handed.

As you might guess, my chord shapes are fine but my right (stumming/picking) hand might aswell be a beached fish.

I still airguitar left handed, and I naturally tap my right foot which is not great when there is a guitar resting on that leg!

In hindsight I might have got a lefty guitar, but we’re having fun so I’ll persevere and hopefully my right arm and left foot will find some rhythm!

Our guitars:

Epiphone IBG Hummingbird

Taylor GS mini koa (wife’s)

My tele deluxe


My lefty brother has become a very good RH guitarist, so persevere. Tap your foot from the ankle lifting your toes, if you must tap right-footed. Since you are new you don’t have any ingrained habits to break so hopefully it will become more natural.


I’ve got two Gretsches at the moment. My favourite is that orange 2003 G6120W-1957 ‘unofficial Eddie Cochran model’ and the other one is a 2010 G6128T-TVP Power Jet.

Got two tweed amps, too, but I travel light.


Rick Beato’s Uncles Bass -


Some guy with an old Les Paul…

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What is brilliant about this is that Rick Beato doesn’t try to be the star of the show. He knows his stuff but doesn’t steal the show like so many others do.


Fernandes are bankrupt.

As used by… Steve Hackett and Robert Fripp.

Perhaps of interest


I think we are going to see more of the same in the next few years. Too bad, because many of these brands make very good VFM instruments.

This guy seems to be quite good…

(other guitars also on his YT channel)