Show us your heaviest piece of audio gear

My Magico S5MkIIs weigh an even 100 kg each.



My subwoofers, home-made with Scan-Speak low efficiency woofers. Straight, open-end transmission line tuned for 23Hz. Powered by Dynaco ST-400, active filter below 120Hz. Plywood with lead/rubber composite 250x30x20cm, approx 75 kg each.

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I can’t possibly compete with these huge speakers. But I will say that my tube amp weighs half as much as I do at 51 pounds. That means it is too heavy for me to lift out of its compartment in my stereo cabinet so the 18 screws in the cover can be removed to change tubes. And then I have to have help to put it back. So it is my heaviest piece of gear but it is actually too heavy to be practical.
Audiomat Prelude Reference MKII

Coincidentally, the amp in my TV system weights exactly the same 51 pounds, a Pioneer SX-1050. I’ve owned it since I bought it new in 1978. I don’t mind it’s weight because it doesn’t have tubes so there is no reason to have to lift it.


This is not a ProAc Tablette :wink: HH just put the photo in the right size, the original was by RWC one post further up, with the same “light”

I was unaware of it being a competition!

The heaviest of my power amps at 29.5 kg (65lb) is far too heavy for me to lift out of its shelf safely, but I use a “dolly”: Originally made for shifting large speakers I was building, it is a piece of MDF with castors. It was a bit low, but a second piece of MDF sitting on the first has made it just a couple of mm lower than shelf level, so I position in front and simply slide the amp in/out, lifting in turn the back then front momentarily to get the feet up the tiny step. Works a treat. My other, still very heavy, amp on theshelf above is more manageable, but all I have to do is pull out and immediately lower onto the dolly, and vice versa. If I reach a point where that becomes difficult I’ll find or build a simple wooden box to sit on the dolly to bring to the right level for sliding.

I guess screen of maybe a phone, with the shape of the photographer’s head also just visible

Yeah I didn’t really mean that someone put an amp into it :wink:

Nice. Since you’re showing the plans, can we assume you haven’t made these yet? And if so, would you be willing to start a building thread like these:

Personally I’m also interested in the composite you mention. Could you elaborate on what it is / how you made it?

It is actually a light reflection in the corner of a mirror on the opposite wall.

Yes, I have built them! But they are now under the floor… I will try to find a photo, just before they were installed.

The material is plywood, 18mm thick, with an insulating layer in it. It is used a sound-deadening floorboards in buses and interior walls in yachts.


Nice. Can you share what the isolation is called? I plan to build a set of speakers later this year, so would be interested to see if this is something I could use.

You say under the floor. Are they installed in the crawl space with the driver exposed through a hole in the floor?

Our livingroom area is elevated, so we have room under this. Woofer opening at the cabinet where equipment is, port end under the sofa with slits in the floor :wink:

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Very nice idea! And it reminds me that I have something in the garage I can put to use as a temporary stand just for changing tubes. My husband made something quite nice out of scrap teak to hold the audio gear at my computer. When I needed another shelf I bought a suitable shelving unit online and put the unneeded one in the garage, where it sits too nice to throw away. I just wish my amp didn’t have 3 very sharp pointed feet! The pointy feet sit in little brass cups but they don’t slide so that will present another challenge for me. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Please don’t post commercial links in the HiFi corner. Thanks.

Maybe you need a thin board, like a large plastic chopping board, that you could put under first, alternatingly lifting each side a bit to swing it working backwards till in place, then slide the whole thing out.

I realized that my Mu-So actually weights about the same than my Dynaudio (without stand). But anyway, both are now passed by the new amp, which arrived this week :blush: still pretty much a lightweight in terms of kgs.