Show us your Kudos

I have just about decided that the Kudos 606 is the speaker that I want to get.

I heard that a Chord Pre / power combo like the Ultimate Pre 3 / Ultima 6 is a wonderful match.

Any thoughts on that ?

The new Naim Classic range might also be a contender, awaiting a new 200 series preamp before I decide.

I’m also open to a top flight integrated amp like a Gryphon Diablo 120 or similar.


Can’t comment on matching amplification as I’m running my 606’s with the Classic series but you won’t be disappointed with them.

I bought a pair last month and I’ve never listened to as much music lately, it’s simply the best upgrade I’ve made and is my end-game speaker.

Am going to run them for a minimum of 6-months and then look at going active with another 250DR.

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Very wise. My 505 were apparently one month ‘old’ when I bought them and, after now having them three months, they really have matured and settled into a wonderfully balanced musical ‘speaker.



Thanks for your thoughts.

The 606 just ticks all the right boxes for me, looks great, sure - they are expensive - but not as insane priced as some other high end brands, room friendly can be up close to a wall if need be, powerful but refined sound etc , etc.

Just need the matching electronics to go with…

Agree on the ‘expensive’ but worth keeping your eyes on the ex-dem/used market. My 505 with matching stands were virtually half-price.


Thanks G l, I’ll do just that.

As others have said, pretty much an end game speaker that will grow with you as your system grows.

You’d have to go very, very high up the electronics chain before a Titan will be the weak point.

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I can’t speak directly for S10s (though my familiarity with them goes right back to the prototype pair up to the active-capable production model), but I’ve owned C10s since 2008, in the two different iterations: MDF cabinets with jumpers, and HDF cabinets with single wire inputs. I prefer C10s to C20s, for the reason you state. For me the 10 is a more integrated sound across the frequency spectrum. Darned fine speakers.


Both Naim and Chord Ultima amps will bring the best out of Titan 606 speakers. I have heard both combinations and currently own Chord Ultima in the main system but Naim for the other music systems.

I’ve heard the Ultima 5 drive 505, 606 and Titan 808 speakers with effortless ease. The Ultima 6 will drive the 606 well too, as will a Naim New Classic 250 or the NAP300 which was used by Kudos during the development of the 606.

A demonstration at a decent dealer is probably the way to go at this point.

Hope this helps, BF

I was told same by the dealer installing my 505. The person who owned them very briefly before me had the dreaded combination of unsuitable amp and unsuitable room apparently.


Thanks BF for your thoughts.

Demo where I live is a bit tricky, I have heard the Kudos, but not with the electronics that I am shortlisting.

Plus I cannot get them all together at once to demo and decide either.

I can demo Chord Pre/Power and the Naim - but at different dealers. I’ll unfortunately have to go with an educated guess.

If Chord / Kudos are a recommended good match, then I’ll have to just go with that suggestion.

I know Naim / Kudos are very much a well known match around these parts as well :smile:

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We really like both but when it comes to price-performance, the Ultima 6 and 5 are very hard to beat. Naim has started to push back though with the new 250.

You win, whichever path you follow.

Best regards, BF

Best stand mount ever……


Any way you could get them wider apart?

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Not without a JCB :joy:


My teeny tiny baby X2’s


Just acquired some Kudos X2 recently. They’re still new in box. Loving them.


X3s live here. :heart_eyes:
The X2s and X3s were well ahead of their price point and super quality.


X3 with Nova


Day off work to enjoy these.



It took me a while to acclimatise after the little white Proac Tab 10 Sig, but I do love these beauties.