Show us your Second System

A thread to share pics of our second systems, inspired by my recent purchase of some KEF LS50 Wireless II and matching KC62 Subwoofer.

I’m enjoying the system very much and using more than I expected in my Vinyl room. Roon integration is really excellent, and the Sub - for all its small size (think a Football) really fills out the sound and goes LOW in this relatively small space.

I added the matching stands (a little overpriced in my view) and filled them to the brim with a tub and a half of Atacama ballast each. I’m still finding the ballast pellets on the floor. I’m not finding them in the shower anymore though, which is good :thinking:

I’ve got a couple of Mu-so around the house too.


Liking that set up Matt.


Cheers, Rack.

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My fancy bathroom system


I’ve thought about a little bathroom system, but I have so little hair nowadays I’d barely get though “Please, Please, Please let me get what I want” before I’m out of there again :joy:


I’d love a Qb for extended showers / tub soaking, but the geniuses who built the bath room installed sockets only on the wall next to the sink and there is no space there. The opposite wall would be ideal but no sockets :man_shrugging:

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No second system. I like to work without distraction and when I listen to music I do nothing but listen to music.

Have been known to use the boy’s excellent 1st gen Muso-QB when he’s not trying to overwhelm the fabric of the house with its volume control.

My second system actually shares my living room with the Naim primary system, but both are connected to different speakers. The second system is based around a mid-seventies Marantz 2275 receiver and in addition consist of a Beogram 8002 tangential record deck with a MMC2 cartridge, a ReVox B215 cassette deck (which arrived yesterday), a Marantz Pearl Lite CD/SACD player (far too modern for this system!) and a Sony EL-7 Elcaset. The ReVox B77 is generally used with this system. The Marantz is currently driving a pair of Castle Inversion 15 speakers, but these may move to the bedroom system.

The bedroom system ( a work in progress):

Yamaha CDR-HD 1500 hard drive/cd recorder and Cyrus 8 vs2 amp. There’s a Cyrus PSX-R power supply arriving imminently as well as a Nakamichi 480z cassette deck.

I am contemplating getting a Rega Fono MM Mk3 phono stage so I can add one of my record decks to this system.

To house it all, I am looking to get an Atacama Storm 6 rack.


Whatever your excuse, that’s not the way to treat a B77. Get if off the floor NOW!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Ha! If only.

I will probably invest in a small rack or something that will take the weight. Calling me out on it is giving me some ideas …

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It has just done it’s duties. On Saturday morning we listen a cd with Mozart piano concertos to slowly wake up. We have quite a few of these cds. The chord mojo is used elsewhere but is usually also part of this setup.



UQ1 and Iso Acoustics supported Neat Iotas.


My second system - Nait 2, cd5xs+flatcap xs, Nd5xs2 with Rogers ls3/5a classic


My beloved Quad 33 /3FM / 303 with Dali Spektor!


My bathroom sports a Squeezebox Radio. Used primarily for news stations and WFUV, a NYC based public radio music station. It’s got radio buttons, and I rarely bother to access my music library.

Always makes an impact when I see this one (I hope it’s this one, you’ve posted it a few times before I’m sure!?) One of my favourite systems regardless if its actually a second. Lovely.

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Yes, I have - thank you for your kind words. This setup may be a main system at a different place where I live in the weekend at my hometown. The actual main system is LP12, node2i+ndac, 32.5/hc/250, B&W 805d3 at another place.


Nicely done Dutus :bowing_man:

A Philip’s CD104! I used to have one back in the day. Built like the proverbial outhouse. Seem to recall that the drawer took forever to open.

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All the money goes into getting the best out of one system!