Show us your Sondek

Vintage 1982 or 1983 (can’t remember exactly…the receipt is around somewhere), originally with the big red button. We had the Nirvana and Valhalla upgrades in 80s and more recently I installed a Lingo 1 and a Trampolin 1.

Arm is, of course, the very wonderful Zeta, and the cartridge is an elderly Audio Technica MC

Phil March did a service and polish about three years ago.


Me too and I think mine looks the same, although I’m not 100% sure, just 99%.

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That plinth looks lovely Richard? Afro? Do you treat it with anything to get that sheen? I have a decent afro but it doesn’t look like yours.

Looks like you could do with a new mat.

An LP12, earlier today. The deck is from 1987, the Ittok LVIII 1989, the Krystal, Collaro mat, and Kore from last year; you can’t see the Lingo 4 (2019), Cirkus (1997) and Trampolin 2 (2010).


Well I was supposed to be getting one right about now; those plans are a covid based loss. Woodsong American cherry plinth, Kore, Akurate Radikal, AO PU7 arm, and DV Te Kaitora Rua cart, and Karosel of course. Maybe this fall?? All depends on when travel opens back up.

Chris Harban has scaled back his plinth making it seems. His turntable restoration business is much more interesting to him I’m sure.


Lemon oil… yes, an older picture with The mat looking a bit shrunk and on its last legs.

Thanks–I will have to get some. Do you have to be a bit careful with it?

I don’t think so.

This plinth was one of Chris’s “rejects” and was destined to be spray coated. There are two knots in the wood - one man’s “defect” is another man’s “character”. Thank god I convinced him to let me rescue it!



That’s interesting. Was the original lacquer finish still intact before you applied the lemon oil ? I ask that, as the lacquer had started to peel on my afro plinth so I removed it back to the bare wood then waxed it. This darkened the finish a bit, which is fine, but I like how yours has turned out. I have some genuine Gibson lemon oil that’s used to clean and restore fretboards. Might experiment with it on a scrap piece of hardwood.

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IIRC, I gave a light rub over with wire wool first then oiled. It was so long ago now though, I could be wrong…

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Always love seeing your plinth Gregg- it’s a stunner for sure. :+1:


I’ll play along and support my Harban Macassar Ebony peeps. :sunglasses:


Yours is not too shabby!

Nice Javelin in disguise :wink:

Mark you still use this antique?
I’m seem to recall a massive TT- starts with Doh…
Seriously can you compare the 2 turntables?
The Linn has always been the best looking - classic simple lines

Good catch Charlie! Actually it is just the Javelin arm top with Aro pillar…so a bit of a Frankenstein :grinning:

The Linn will never leave David :grinning:
It’s a great deck - not as refined as the Dohmann but still puts a grin on my face for sure!
Suspended decks have a special something…
Hope you are staying healthy and safe,

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Gregg- you getting bored of the headphones yet? :sunglasses: