Show us your Sondek

No choice
I think my 552/500 are going to be with Chris West for a while.
Maybe Richard Dane has a spare 500DR kit he can wing across the Atlantic as the guys and gals in Salisbury are still closed.

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Have to see if I still have a picture…!
Ahhh here’s one

Maybe not obvious at first look are
Custom made two pieces counter weight…this allows nice close fitting against the arm pillar and adjustment of azimuth without the standard naim bobbin weight

Tigerpaw akula sub chassis

Tangerine audio top plate

DC motor drive


Ah,that’s right. I can send you a Nait2 to tie you over? Shoot me an email if you want it…

Glad to know it’s not only me with a javelin top on an aro base/keel with a dv xv…:wink: Just make sure you get the carousel … you will be delighted :grin:

Here’s a recent moby shot of my old fruit box which seems to be getting younger as the years pass by!




Most likely will next time Peter travels to the States…Intriqued with the Art1000 too

That’s a beast Peter- congrats

Flicking through these makes me want my Sondek back.

Very strange!


That’s why I will never get rid of mine- I don’t think my heart could take it!

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Thanks - as part of the ‘getting younger with age strategy’ it convinced me to place a deposit with Peter for a karoussel bearing. Hopefully we’ll be allowed out and about some time in 2020 for such necessities!


Absolutely :+1:!

Anniversary plinth, Aro, Armageddon, Krystal through a Superline with a Z foil airplug. The platter, sub-chassis and bearing are all from 1989, so very much looking forward to the new bearing upgrade :slight_smile: I just love the way it sounds. Every album is an adventure!


image image
2 different flavors but both sweet!


This is a special Sondek for me because I put it together myself for the first time!

Using leftover parts from my first Franken-dek, but gone are the Basik Arm/Basik PS and non-Cirkus bearing, in with Cirkus bearing (harvested from my main rig), ARO and Lingo 2. Got all brand new tune up parts from my dealer. I used Linn Adikt MM.

An exploded LP12 poster came in handy to navigate the parts. And downloaded all the info available on the web concerning LP12 set up. I will spare you of the gory details but I did it! :smiley: (after numerous long phone calls to my dealer and unsuspecting helpful friends with years of experience setting up the Linn) IIRC, the only thing I could not do was to bend the top plate to fit the plinth correctly. I had to sent both plinth and top plate to my dealer to fit it.

Since then, I switched over the plinth to Wenge from Woodsong along with a top plate from the main rig. ( this newer top plate was pre-bent so easy to fit it )

I used many different cartridges here but currently sporting Troika.

Thinking about installing the Karousel bearing myself… hmm…



Snap! I’m getting pangs of nostalgia for my long gone afro LP12! Fitted with a Lingo1, Ittok, and I swapped between a Troika and Koetsu (Black IIRC) carts.

Some lovely LP12 snaps!


My LP 12 I bought new in 1978. Alas the only original part now is the outer platter.
It’s now a Tangerine Audio Stiletto LP 12 comprising of TA Plateau sub chassis, Armeggedon, Cirkus, Aro, Trampolin 2, Kiseki Blue NS cartridge.
I forgot to add that it was assembled by my good friend Derek Jenkins a genius on an LP 12 and together with his partner Mark Digman designed the Tangerine Audio products. R.I. P Derek.




What a lovely button!

This is my bog standard near Klimax (aRad) all Linn LP12. Some wonderful decks here of all persuasions!


LP12/aRadikal/Keel/Aro/Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum


1st June 1989 LP12, fitted with Basik arm, K9 cartridge, Valhalla. (It cost me £848.80)
13th December 1990 Lingo1 (must’ve been a Christmas present to me)
Some time later, Ittok replaced the Basic.
25th June 1993 Cirkus kit fitted
5th June 2003 DV20X(H) fitted.
I seem to recall I have replaced the cartridge again since but can’t find the invoice.
It sounds lovely to me but I guess after over 30 years since I bought it, it might be worth spending a bit on it now to enhance it further.
I don’t play it very often to be honest…