Show us your Sondek

I think you probably need to have the plinth to be original or at least the serial number sticker. The original bits of mine are the plinth, lid and top plate, I had thought the hinges were original but Johh K from Audio-T Brighton who has serviced and upgraded it since the early 90s is certain he replaced the hinges at some point. I do have the Azak I bought it with stashed away somewhere and occasionally consider getting it re-tipped etc., but I suspect my current cartridge would be better.

Funnily enough …… when I had my plinth upgraded a couple of years back from a Linn walnut to a Simon Price SimPlinth in high gloss Indian rosewood my dealer contacted Linn to get a replacement serial number sticker with my ORIGINAL serial number from 1982.

Linn agreed and issued a brand new sticker for the back of the upgraded plinth. It surprised me.


That’s neat!

Wow, I wish I’d known or thought about that when I had mine done…

I have used LP12s since the late 80s. If you like all that they do but wish for a bit less colouration without losing anything, you could switch between LP12, P10/ DG-1 and the most ‘affordable’ SME.

Alternatively, you can put Stiletto, Keel, Radikal and Karousel on your LP12. It’s great.


Interesting - I got my first LP12 about three months earlier here in the USA… it cost $960 - roughly double after taking exchange rate into consideration.


After all, this thread is called “Show us your Sondek”.
Here’s mine…

Outwardly, all original, from 1986.
Internally, updated to Selekt, in 2021.

Here’s the full story…

Happy Sunday listening


You’d go a long way to beat that look :+1:


Must be a good dealer let you off 50p.

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I frequently read that LP12s are a PITA to keep in fine running order and that if you want Plug and Play then Rega (and increasingly Technics) are a better bet.

Is it really that bad, what are the issues that people are referring to with the LP12?

Urban myth a properly set up deck can be trouble free and on song for years.
Too much tinkering and not enough listening. :+1:t2:


A load of phoney baloney. If the LP12 is set up properly and treated with respect in use, they require little or no “maintenance” for years.

Mine survived being picked up and carried at right angles to the horizontal (twice) by a well-meaning mate helping me move a lot of stuff.


I damn well hope not as I’m paying for mine tomorrow.

Spoke to the store owner about the subject of maintenance, his response was I’ll give it a check over when we change the cartridge in a good few years, otherwise it will be just fine. He went on to explain that he has LP12’s come in which are donkey’s years old and have had no maintenance for years and play just fine.


Brilliant and very reassuring. What are they alluding to though, I’ve seen a lot of comments along these lines.

Hi @Marq
I have an LP12, bought new and set up by Peter @Cymbiosis
It sounds just as fabulous today as it did when bought a few years ago. The idea that an LP12 is a fussy and temperamental beast has absolutely not been my experience. I don’t tinker with it because I have never needed to. I know that many, many others would say the same.


I am ‘watching’ on eBay an LP12/Ittok on behalf of a friend who is interested in an LP12-based small system, but he’s never ventured into this territory before.

Do any Members know whether Linn will still service the Ittok, or do I need to look at companies like Audio Origami? (Are there any others besides AO?)

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Many owners think they know better and can’t leave it alone.
A good setup lasts years the deck doesn’t put itself off tune. :roll_eyes:
Before my recent upgrades my deck sat for 20 years and only got dusted.


Easy to throw mud in the hope that something sticks, sure there will be people out there who dislike the LP12 and will state that the TT is a piece of junk, but it’s been around for 50+ years and that alone says something.

If it was sooooo bad then it wouldn’t be the success that it is.


Paul at the HiFi Gallery is very happy to service Ittoks. Taught by John Nielson
of Audio Origami. Serviced ours last year and did a cracking job.


Exactly and thanks for saving my time in explaining this :blush: …35 years old upwards and still repairable.

BTW the LP12 doesn’t tolerate poor set- up or bodges and that’s why I put together the set up guide which is available on Cymbiosis website for anybody to download free if they wish. It’s all about doing the job properly and not taking shortcuts and a correctly set up LP12 should give many years of listening pleasure before requiring any maintenance just like any other turntable. KR, Peter