Show us your Sondek

Thanks Peter and others. Trying to get my thoughts together re TT purchase. May well be paying you a visit in the near future.

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A Cymbiosis supplied and set up LP12 is about as good as it gets in this imperfect world!

Apologies for the ‘murky’ photo!


Maybe one with this on the back?


This not mine. Image taken from Cymbiosis website.


There is no doubt that Peter is very very good at what he does, you only have to look at the respect he gets on this forum to see that, but there are other Linn dealers out there who can also setup an LP12 and maintain in tip top condition.


Oxfordian, yes, there are. Worth taking a few records round when listening and of course don’t forget your ears!!! :blush:


Yes, and I used Ray Horn of Grahams in Canonbury for many years, while I lived and worked in London, to supply maintain, and occasionally update my LP12 over the years.

But Ray has retired, which was why I asked Peter S of Cymbiosis to supply and set up my second LP12 for my ‘smaller’ Nait 50-based system.


I had a LP12 for many years.

Never any issues or required any maintenance.

Only time any work was done was when I was upgrading it, which was always done by Peter Swain, @Cymbiosis.

Once set up correctly, will work very well for many years.



That LP12 is completely different from either of my (two) LP12s, but it is a lovely looking deck.

Would you consider a Herbie’s mat rather than the Collaro? I think that they’re great, but not all (including our Moderator) agree.



The plinth on the upper LP12 is rather attractive. The unpolished outer platter looks so much better too.


I like the polished outer platter rim. It is over 30 years old and, despite my care and attention, it had picked up fingerprints and other marks over the years. There was also a tiny ding in the Mazak alloy, which must have happened during a house move, which used to drive me nuts as I saw it go round just over 66 times per minute!

A great looking LP12 :+1:

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Only ever maintained when changing the cartridge or upgrading a part. Can only assume some folk abuse their LP12s or start with an incorrectly set up deck.


No, I hadn’t. Compared the Collaro against the Linn stock felt mat and found that it made an improvement.

The only other mat I tried years ago, because of static, was the Inspire Acri Mat, which was awful, killed the music stone dead.

Don’t have the LP12 now.


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The Ekos SE

Ready for takeoff…


My LP12s have never been serviced by any issue, only upgraded. :sweat_smile:


Nice work Bandit :call_me_hand: :sunglasses:

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Yesterday I met up with a client and his LP12 I last saw in 2013 at the old Hotel Street shop location. The suspension on his LP12 was still very good, noise free and pistonic (after 11 years!). His 10X5 was worn out so it was traded in against a new one. Additionally, and he wanted to switch to 45 rpm via an electronic switch and had always wanted a Hercules so this along with a new belt, plus a spring and bush change in the service, he was ready to go in about an hour.
No bother at all for him at all and nice to catch up again after all those years :blush:


Thank you Peter


Same here. Never had a ‘problem’. Any changes or replacements were generally done as part of an upgrade. I can only find 1 instance of a ‘service’ - which was done after about 8 years from the previous time it had been apart. All others were varying degrees of ‘upgrade’ - ranging from the ‘glued’ sub-chassis (back in 1985), to Cirkus (in 2018) and Kore (in 2022).

Far Less Hassle Than People Think.