Show us your tuner

Here’s mine, sort of predictable. But I trust there’s some Magnum Dynalabs, Leaks, Sansuis, Quads, Marantz etc out there?!


Can’t compete with your new to you NAT-01 Lindsay, but my humble NAT-05 does it all for me together with the NDX on the web (iRadio)
Have you sorted the aerial yet??


End of the month, the aerial installer is behind schedule because of the weather, fully understandable!


Quad FM2 and FM3 (black) along with Nait3 / Epos 14s in the workshop system.

Aerial is two pieces of copper pipe - one step up from a wire coat-hanger. Reception is pretty good :wink:


NAT05, Yagi on the roof


Nice, one of the rare first production run samples with a Philips tuner head before Naim had supply of the regular production tuner head. Recognisable by the red light, were you the one who bought mine? :wink:


Not unless you sold it to a dealer in the south of England! :slight_smile:

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Leak Troughline and Quad FM3 long gone - now I have choice of 150,000 stations.

What’s not to like !

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My Meridian 104 is tucked away in a box.


Here’s one of mine…


And a Linx Theta - under the skin it’s a Magnum Dynalab!


And then what could well be viewed as the predecessor to the Meridian 104, the Boothroyd Stuart designed Lecson, here in later SFM2 form;


Bought this year. Even with a service of both boxes the cost was about 1/3 of the last new price updated by rpi. Of course the government has only committed that it will not ask broadcasters to stop FM transmissions before 2030. The broadcasters could stop before if they wished! I am hoping that the government will extend the 2030 guarantee service date.

I have a RS Circular 5 in the loft. The reception is excellent.


I like a classic black box as much as the next person, but some of these tuners look fabulous.

Bring back large rotating station indicators, big buttons, and rainbow sliders.

Tuners… Don’t get me started. As a kid scanning all frequencies to hear what was going on ‘in the world’. It felt like magic and living close to the German border I was able to listen to both Dutch and German radio stations. I think this is how my love for tuners started: as a bridge to the outer world.

I don’t own one anymore, but have owned at some point in time:

  • Technics ST-G350
  • Technics ST-G70
  • Kenwood KT-5020
  • Kenwood KT-7020
  • Kenwood KT-3300D
  • Kenwood L-1000T (what a beautiful tuner that was :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )
  • Marantz ST-17
  • Marantz ST-15S1 (loved this one for its sound, but DAB could not be upgraded to DAB+ :zipper_mouth_face: )
  • Sony XDR-F1HD (great reception, but not that great sound :smiling_face: )

It’s time to get me a tuner again! :grin:


Magnum Dynalab 107-T here. My main source of music. Tuned either on France Musique or FIP.

The red disk is not an antenna… I have a whip Magnum Dynalab ST2 antenna on the roof. Works great.


I had the lecson AC1 about 40 years ago.

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I should have said Lecson AC1 Preamp

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I still have my AC1, but lost the power amp many years back. It failed (as they all do) and I sent it to someone for repair who took ages with it, then wasn’t sure whether they could fix it, then they seemed to disappear. I never got the amp back and abandoned it as a lost cause. The AC1 can be used with another amp, but, IIRC, you lose the HP output as that comes from a feed from the power amp.

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I purchased mine used of a friend at work, I Ran mine through a Crimson 520 power amp.
The Din connectors were not very robust where they attached to the main board.