Show us your turntable

Thanks @BBWan, same here, this is also used for the books and vinyl shelves.

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This photo reminds me of that Bjork video for “All is full of love” where the AI/robots are,… erm,… doing “it” :joy:

It’s amazing! Just saying!


My very modest Pro-ject X2


There’s a lovely symmetry between your turntable and the support shelf @duf666 - and those Pro-jects are very handsome.


That looks really good - very neat and clean. Only thing I would do is lose the dustbug (??) thingamajig on the rear left.


The support shelf is also Pro-ject :wink:
Wallmount IT 5


Why ? I like my Sweep-IT…

Drag, would be my first thought.
Noise transmission would be my second.
…but if you’re happy with what you’re hearing then no one should move you from it.
I find a light clean with my dusting brush or if necessary a deeper one with the Ortofon brush is enough before each play however :man_shrugging:t2:

Drag: it’s very light on the record, besides the inertia of the 2kg platter + 700gr alu sub platter vanish it :wink:
Noise: you can’t hear anything…
Of course, I use my Audioquest carbon brush on each sides.

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I think it looks cleaner and neater without it. As I say, just what I would do. You go with what pleases you the most.


I have never used these. I tried something similar once and all it did was rearrange the dust on the record.

I like the Roksan two-stage brush before record play, but mostly I just brush the stylus with a dry brush after each side.

I’m not a big fan of brushing the stylus… I prefer using Moongel

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Really bad idea, IMO. I hope it isn’t leaving residue on the stylus/cantilever ( a known issue with Onzow ZeroDust), that over time wicks up the cantilever into the dampers, etc. I have the DS Audio ST-50 gel-based stylus cleaner that’s actually designed as a stylus cleaner, and use it judiciously (i.e. almost never) to help get stubborn fibers off I can’t remove otherwise. If I use it, I immediately follow up with the official Lyra wet cleaner on just the stylus tip, let it dry and then a dry brush.

Nothing is safer for a stylus than a gentle, dry brush. I have two very expensive Lyra cartridges and they do not condone gel-based cleaners.

There is nothing safer than a gentle dry brush (if you really care about your cartridge).

Classic turntable co 301 in new plinth. Probably should have taken the photo with the lid up! Mounted with SME IV.


That Garrard 301 has been pimped up pretty extensively. Loricraft are famous for doing that, but this one looks rather different from any that I have seen before.

But a very handsome TT indeed! If it were mine, I would have wanted the colour of the platter to match the SME tonearm rather better.

I used it since it was recommended by Stereophile staff…
And I only have a modest Ortofon 2M Blue

Only if you don’t follow the recommendations in the manual. Mainly letting it get very hot and/or keeping it for longer than its seven year lifespan.

OK. I don’t trust it. If it goes wrong for me the cost is $6500 to rebuild my cartridge (either one). I do what Lyra says to do, and don’t do what they say isn’t OK.

I don’t recommend them to people.

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I assume those things are driven my advertising revenue for the magazine. How often does Stereophile come out and say " this is a really bad thing…don’t use it ever."

But I don’t know. I don’t read hifi magazines.

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