Show us your turntable

it’s a TT i could easily live with , and I have a Clearaudio Emotion , which I think is one of the cleanest, clearest turntables out there

It sounds good as well

A turntable is usually at the zenith of your audio system , it must look good, sound good and make non- audiophiles jealous


I’d settle for just fewer looks of exasperated pitty.


I get looks of awe when they see my front wall completely covered in shelves of vinyl. The Clearaudio Innovation kinda blows minds too. It’s not what anyone expects when I say I have a turntable.



Michael Fremer done it with the Technics SL1200G with a I think 5k Lyra cartridge & that didn’t turn out too bad.
There didn’t seem any weaknesses there especially against the Continuum.




Not the most beautifull one but sounds very nice. Thorens TD166 MKII.
I removed the feets. Sounded better.
Now looking for the right connection sound wise with the furniture and the glass plate. Now it is kind of rubber supplied with the norstone base plate.


I think that looks like a cracking deck.

IsoAcoustics Zazen…


It may improve the sound no end, but why do manufacturers put such ghastly & huge logos on the front ?


Hi JdP,

if I recall you had an Ovation some years back. Can you comment on the Innovation vs Ovation (sound quality wise, besides the obvious flexibility for multiple arms…) and whether you perceive improvement (less distortion) with the 12” Universal tonearn?

I am thinking about where to move from my setup (Ovation + Magnify tonearm)


Yeah, the Innovation is a massive upgrade in every way sonically. Bass is more stable, resolution is improved, and the soundstage is spot on, more stable, and more three-dimensional.

The Ovation is a great turntable. I think one way you can improve your Ovation a lot is by upgrading the tonearm to a Universal, or maybe even just a Tracer. I had a Magnify and hated it. The magnetic bearing of the that arm was nothing but problems. It’s flakey and unstable. I would get pitch wavering for a couple seconds anytime the tonearm got upset by something, even things like a truck driving by outside, or my wife slamming the back door shut. I also had lots of issues with woofer pumping. My previous Clarify (which uses two magnetic bearing) was even worse. Once I upgraded to the Universal not only did it resolve all the problems I had with Clarify/Magnify tonearms but the sound quality improved very significantly. I’ll never opt for a tonearm with magnetic bearings again. That just doesn’t work for me.

If you are still using the wall wart for the Ovation you might consider changing to a LPS. I got one from MCRU for about $400, and Clearaudio has their Professional Power 24V for about $1200.

As for the 12" Universal I have now, I get less IDG and notice better performance (tracking and sound quality) on classical records. I’m thinking about upgrading my 9" Universal (which has the mono cartridge) to the 12" version.


Many years ago I had a couple of Mission Isoplats and I used them the other way round and had people say it will sound better the proper way round. :yawning_face:
Don’t have them now.

The isoAcoustics Delos and Za-zen platforms can be turned with the logo to the back if you don’t like them. The feet aren’t tuned differently, so orientation doesn’t matter. Orientation is only a concern with the isoAcoustics Gaia feet used on speakers.


And even they can be rotated 180deg if you don’t want to look at the logo :+1:


I have since changed from a Delos to a HRS R3X isolation base. The factory built it to order and customized it for my turntable specifically. When I first set it up the platform didn’t sit level. It turned out they tuned the feet based on a stock photo of my turntable (with one arm) but I have two arms and orient the turntable differently. I had to swap the feet front/rear to get the intended tuning. HRS said they learned to ask Innovation customers how they plan to position the turntable. In the end the HRS works brilliantly.


Are you sure? My Zazazen has the logos and badges on both front and back.

Interesting. I assumed it was the same as the Delos, which has logos only on one side. I stand corrected.

I wonder if the badge can be removed with a blow dryer and some dental floss?

Many thanks for the insights!

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Rega P8 with Ania MC


Happy with my new TT.


It’s a nice looking turntable that is ,nice and simple but effective.