Show us your turntable

Hello Graham, the rotary/circular control on the 1200 decks is almost always the on/off switch. The square button is the start stop. Speed control is two rectangular buttons to the right of the start stop.

The deck that Paul Davies posted looks like a customised SL1500, as @Sinewave says. On most 1200 decks the rotary control stands proud of the plinth, and contains the strobe. On the SL1500 that circular control, which I suspect is push operated rather than rotary, is more or less flush, and has no strobe.

Hope your new LP12 is settling in nicely.

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Yes, the new LP12 is very good indeed, except that the bias weight (with the anglers’ nylon thread and stainless steel weight) fell off.

I’m currently looking for a fishing tackle shop where they might be able to fix it for me (Audio T say that they can’t help). At least I have one upstairs to use as a template.

Who’d have thought it?!

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The same but different. The arm on the 1500, 1200GR, and 1200G all look identical. They are all different.

A lot of people whine about the arm and it’s nearly always the first to be replaced when modding. I suspect out of habbit more than anything. The latest iterations of the arm are very good.


I agree that the new Technics arms are very good. The easiest way to improve them is to upgrade the headshell, the weakest link in my experience.

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Agree. I put a Sumiko headshell on mine. Needs the aux counterweight though. Very good indeed.

You shouldn’t need to take your good bias weight assembly to the fishing tackle shop. Here, again, is the GA drawing. This shows the spec of the line and its length.

FWIW it gives the spec as 0.08mm dia. nylon monofilament with a nominal (nom) length of 50mm.


0.08mm is fairly light line, about 1.5lb breaking strain. It might be fairly tricky to tie, particularly in a short length, and even more so to tie it to the arm and bias weight. If you’re not an angler I can imagine it being awkward. I suspect a fishing shop, if asked nicely and told what it was for, would be helpful here. Obviously doing it yourself is appropriate for some, and I wouldn’t want to take the satisfaction away from anyone!

Brighton fishing shops might be more geared up for sea fishing, though I suspect there are some that cater for match anglers.

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Is it a length of line with a loop in one end, that fits over the adjustment arm, movable over the grooves in the bias adjuster, with the other end tied to the weight?

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I think that it will be much easier to take the “good” bias weight, and ask the tackle shop to make the other to match. I have the weight and three different lengths of the nylon thread.

Imagine the opposite, where only the tonearm has some dignity left.


I was pleasantly surprised by the headshell on my GAE. As with the arm, they might all look the same, but aren’t.

Having said that, I do have a nice Jelco HS-20.

Interesting, would you perhaps have some more information on that?

I understood the G is titanium and would perhaps have some higher grade cabling. Differences between 100c, 1500, GR(2) are indeed not easy to spot from the outside.

The G’s tonearm is magnesium alloy. Not sure if there are other major differences. Possibly bearing assembly tolerances?

I don’t know much. Other than what my dealer said which was simply, “better parts, materials, and grading as you go up the range. They aren’t the same tonearms, any of them. They just have the same design.”


Not quite back on topic, as it’s not one of mine but on display in the audio department of the Yodobashi Umeda (Osaka, Japan) electronics store but closer to the original topic than fly fishing for Aro owners, this rather gorgeous looking Luxman:

Elsewhere I saw a few Rega turntables (P1, P2, and P3) and lost among a huge bank of loudspeakers, a pair of Focals (not sure which model).


My dealer has tried to sell me a Luxman deck many times but too rich for my blood. Even second hand.

He’s given up and instead lowered his target to trying to get me to get a Luxman headshell :grin:

Poor guy.

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I was trying to find a Luxman TT for my ‘second system’, but I gave up because I couldn’t find one which could accommodate an ARO. I found one with a fitting for a Linn arm, but the ARO was a step too far.

So I’m slumming it with an LP12 courtesy of Cymbiosis!


That does look nice. Yen to Sterling about £5500? Good value at that price!

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Bauer DPS upgraded to version 2 with it’s Bauer modified Rega RB 250 tonearm and Audio Technica AT 95 sh. The only difference to version 3 now is the psu.