Show Us Your Vinyl and CD collections

Large or small collections?
Your favourite box sets?
The type of storage you use ?
Looking at music collections does more for me than looking at system pictures.


have a photo of system and LP’s - have 2 x Quadraphire LP Qube (140 albums in each which I play the most, this photo was just before Christmas so missing are the x2 Kate Bush box sets which sit with Pink Floyd Pulse, one of the greatest recordings put on to Yinyl rest of the albums are re mastered issues or new releases - don’t use Cd’s now - use UpNP with NAS through NDX - around 800 albums on my NAS which is about the size of an A4 ring folder, CD’s in garage in storage

Recently built, with sufficient room for more LPs…-) Classical and jazz here, rock in another cabinet


lps, cds, and cds rips/ hirez in the universe. I have always sold the lps and cds that i was not listening to. So my collection is only my favorite albums. around 300 cds, 400 lps, 200 hirez.

Just a small part of the overall CD collection, all of which has now been digitised. The remainder of my 13,000 CD collection is packed up in numbered boxes in the loft; pity as they are a beautiful site to behold when on display.

It’s been a lifes work collecting and listening to music. When I travelled the world in my working days, the first thing I did was dig out the local yellow pages equilvalent and list the CD shops. Happy days of visiting J&R Music in New York, Virgin & FNAC on the Champs Elysees, Wave in Roppongi and Tower Records in Shibuya Tokyo and Tower records on Wicklow Street which kept me sane whilst living in Dublin for two years. Fortunately some of these shops are still there but a shadow of their former glory.

Buying music is the best upgrade you can make to your system…

Up in the study

Down in the Dining Room


Wow, thats some collection u have there @AndyP

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Here’s mine


with 13 thousands cds, i would have to take 1 hour minimum to choose one…

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Ripping those must have been quite a job…

Here’s a photo of my cd collection:

Took about 2 years to rip the collection but a labour of love and it’s been worth the effort.

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My approx. 400 records.

There are also 600 albums on a Samsung T5 SSD 1TB, connected via USB to my ND5 XS 2.

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Fabulous looking collection. I have only about half that and about 11tb of other albums on a mix of external and internal HDD’s.

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can’t see the photo, on ipad air 2. ?

It was a trick – I have no cd collection. It’s all on my server. :stuck_out_tongue:


you got me! my cds are still in my home, because it’s a back up and i will rip them again with a newer ripper one day, as the melco 100.
I will not transfer the rips. ( only 300 or 400 cds).

Nice going Andy! 13,000 is impressive. I have less than a quarter of that number, but quite a few of mine also came from Tower Shibuya ( as well as Shinjuku and Ikebukuro), Wave in Roppongi and Yamano in Ginza. Happy days…

Thank God for digital storage!


Cd collection

A part of the classical medevial collection

Vinyl collection
Approximatevely 4500 items
A part of hi fi mags and Naim boxes


The basement (1100 CDs)


The coffee table (140 CDs)