Show Us Your Wood-Working Projects

Lovely finish. How did you fix your there internal uprights - glued, screwed or jointed?

A very recent project I did for my daughter - a blanket box/chest in western red cedar. These photos are made during the construction - I don’t seem to have a photo of the complete box.
The first one is without the lid, and is upside down

This one is on its side, with no lid

And this shows the lid - the dark wood is walnut, as a contrast


If your post is directed at me, Gadget Man, then it was just three dowels along the joints and glue. I am currently trying to find a dowel jig as I have another interior furniture project planned and I dont have a decent workshop/bench to use.

Alternatively, I am considering using screws, glue and home made plugs (using those special drill bits that drill out plugs from the same wood as the furniture) so that I dont need to worry so much about making exactly matching holes in two separate pieces of wood for the dowel holes, this has proved very frustrating without a proper bench and attached vice/clamps etc.

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Good to see a proper workshop space…I dream…

I was lucky - bought a house 20 years ago with a barn. Lots of space. I did have a proper woodworking machine with spindle moulder, circular saw and planer-thicknesser (12"), with three motors. It was really good. Missing it now (wife wanted to move, and told me we would not get anywhere with the space needed for it, so sold it). This box took me about 3 weeks to make - probably a couple or three days with that machine. The wood as bought rough sawn (extremely rough, TBH), so had to dimension it with hand plane. Hard work…

Hi Jack, note you mention a table saw but have no space, check out, I bought their Rage 5 S folding table saw last year, it really is very good and I think they make a couple of different models.

Latest project - my daughter recently started working for CPRE (Council for the Preservation of Rural England) in Gloucester, and they are having an auction soon and wanted a donations box, so:

Not finished yet - still have to cut a keyhole for the lock (I have made a base that slides into the bottom of the box, and a lock to stop it from being opened easily - only a 4-lever lock, so fairly easy to pick, but even easier to saw the box open if someone is really so desperate to get in).
Made from Spanish Chestnut, finishing in Danish Oil then polished.


Lovely how the grain meets up :blush:

Yes - it’s the only place where it does, sadly - the pieces of chestnut that I had weren’t long enough to do the other end, or wide enough to do the two sides. But at least one of them does.
And though you can’t see them, the screws holding the lock in place have their slots lined up with the grain. It makes it sound better.

I used to have the same Grand Torino Starsky and Hutch car. Great memories :grinning::grinning:

I’ve always liked doing that - most won’t notice it, but it feels good to do

Thanks Nick

Yes I’ve seen that model it looks perfect but struggling even to think where to store it when folded down at the moment…I need to get rid of some rubbish !!

What’s the guide like on it Nick, is it pretty robust or a bit flimsy? Certainly seems to get good reviews

Yeah I know what you mean about getting rid of rubbish to make way - for anything!!
The guide is quite robust as it tracks at both ends, the main thing to be aware of is that because it’s not a heavy duty industrial quality machine you should check the angle of the guide, and the blade each time you use it, other than that it will serve you well, the standard all purpose blade is excellent, although I think if you do cut metals with it that will in time have an affect on its ability to cut wood cleanly. It is claimed by many YouTube ‘experts’ to be best in class, I can’t confirm that, but I can attest to its reliability and ability if it is set up correctly. Any more questions please ask!

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The slots lining up with the grain is not only a good look, but it’s also cabinet making standard, as I guess you’re aware of.

Exactly - just one of those things that bring personal satisfaction, even though, as you say, no-one ever notices.
Actually, in this case, no-one will ever see it, very probably. I am putting a piece of wood inside the sliding cover to stop it from being removed from the box. The lock, of course, is screwed in from the inside, so the screws aren’t visible. A total waste of effort, really, but…

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Yes, it is - and so often it isn’t done. Nice to see when it is, though.

No, young man I disagree, it shows attention to detail, quality, and a touch of class even if no one will ever see it, but you never know. I qualified as a cabinet maker and that level of thinking was definitely instilled in all of us at the time. Carry on with that level of detail, you’ll be happier with yourself I’m sure!

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Thank you, sir!
I love working with wood - it is challenging, but very rewarding. And frustrating at times.

Definitely my friend, definitely!

The table I made (and described in the thread on the Ariva speaker plats I made) has found its new home:

50mm thick sequoia, beautifully wain-edged, with polished 22mm copper water pipe for legs. I’m very happy with it.