Show Us Your Wood-Working Projects

Inspired by a System Pic from @Phil1 show us a recent woodworking project you have finished, or about to finish.

Below is my recent one for creating a platform for my Grandtwins to reach the kitchen worktop for activity time. Made from hardwood ply, and my first attempt of a router for edges. Made two, one for our house and one for my daughters. I enjoy the projects but only every 90% happy with the end result - probably need more tools.


Nice job……speakers next😉


Made these Versailles planters last year and now all planted up by Mrs Jack who is the keen gardener :smiley:

Followed instructions from Peter Millard on You Tube, not perfect but very enjoyable and happy with results. Made from plywood and PAR making use of my router to create the panel effect.

Not done much this year but keen to start something else. Would really like a decent table saw but not really got the space.


Look great, especially like the panel effect

Lovely work Jack. I used some off cuts of wooden decking to make a couple. Just a suggestion, you might want to lift the legs about 5 - 10 mm off the tiles so that the end grain does not absorb too much water and rot from the bottom up.

Cheers, Steve

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Thanks Steve

Yes I was a bit concerned about the end grain…I’ve treated them with Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener which is supposed to provide some protection. Only time will tell but I’ll keep an eye on them and lift if necessary :+1: :+1:

7 days into a 10 day track n trace enforced isolation/oblivion and phil1 post inspired me too, searched the shed and a few happy hours of distraction produced this(lurgy free so far)


I love the look of the Hifi Racks stuff but didn’t have £2.3k to spend on racks, so I built these for £550.


Excellent job, very nice indeed👍

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As Gazza says -excellent. I too like HiFi Racks very much, rather like one or two other companies on these pages (ClearAudio for example) don’t quite get the kudos they deserve

nice looking projects.
I’ve been making a rack too - its about 45 years since I did any sort of joinery - so this is my first attempt.
Made from B+Q Oak bannister staves and bamboo - mainly cosmetic stuff to do but it’s raining and I don’t have a workshop.
question - would cutting a hole in the centre of the bamboo lessen the resonance (I am a drummer so centres of drums are always focus of the sound)? or would it weaken the integrity of the board too much??


Well done! I love the idea of using something that has already been partly finished. I find getting nice even sharp cuts and edges is really hard, and I (probably incorrectly) assume you need a workshop full of tools that you may rarely use. I made a small table back in 2002 with some left over beech wood, and found it really difficult to keep everything square. Two years later I got the wood supplier to cut the pieces to my specifications and made an even better fitting table that was designed to fit over the previous one.

I think it may be worth going to college on a woodworking course to understand all the tricks and tips. For example in the second photo you see some mcpherson emulsion paint, which was a tip that came from professional, and appears to be the only paint that allows plaster to carry on breathing when new, and saves sealing in all that moisture with more commonly used Crown and Dulux paints which then cause bubbling and cracks.


What is it? It has an interesting form.

Given that the concept of using bamboo shelves is partly about resonance control, they may be adequate on their own.
However have a search for Quadraspire and Atacama where they have slots and grooves routed in the underside.

I’ve seen the Quadraspire and Atacama racks and seen the grooves - I don’t have a router so either I leave it as it is or take out holes - most probably leave as is to begin with - just sand down to make really smooth…
Doesn’t the Naim frame have their elipse cut out of the shelves??
I have some pieces of oak I’m going to make into circles and once smoothed stick over the screw holes on the front bars.

hi, sorry should have said, its to place record sleeve while playing vinyl


Lovely looking racks there Wren! I have a similar problem regarding no workshop, frustrating at times.
With reference to your question, I think that some sort of cut out will help alter the resonances in the shelf, but as to the best shape/size/placement I’m not sure I can help. There will be some ‘wisdom’ online I’m sure. I used to have a Quadraspire SVT rack which has slots in the shelves for similar reasons. In fact I think all their racks have some sort of cuts for altering the resonance frequency of the shelves. I think you’ll be ok on strength as long as you don’t take too much out.

A new work desk made from 19mm Oak worktop.

This is a replacement for one very similar, except the previous one was made from 25mm thick worktop and was extremely heavy.

The design uses two sheets separated by three 140mm high vertical supports, one at each end and one in the centre to give two nice compartments for drawing equipment, paper and files. The span is 1850mm so one sheet would simply bend over time and this type of box girder construction is extremeley solid. The desk is not fixed to the wall but simply resting on two supports screwed onto the walls at both ends. The desk is too heavy to move, so fixing is not necessary.

Finished with Liberon Interior clear finishing oil


Nice, have you used brass metal plates too?

yes, just some 25mmx25mm brass angle