Show Us Your Wood-Working Projects

Very nice :grinning: :+1:

Lovely. Cant see any solder on those copper joints - did you glue them

Thanks! Nothing whatsoever on the joints - it’s all held together by its own friction, tension and compression. I was hoping it wouldn’t need much, but it was better than I expected.


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This is a coffee table I recently completed. The drawer box is suspended below the top with leather straps. The table is mesquite with ebony accents.

Next up is a new media center!


That is superb. Clean joints, and I love the leather. Please tell me you have years of experience?

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Thank you, GadgetMan. I’m fortunate to be able to enjoy teaching in the Fine Woodworking program at the local community college in my retirement.


Just found some really useful videos online, and oh dear, it looks like I might just need to buy some more tools - Oh well :blush:

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I looked at the photo before reading your post and thought “lovely speaker, but odd place to put the port” :rofl:

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It tightens the soundstage, while at the same time widens it.

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I would love to spend a year at the Waters and Acland school of furniture making. The quality of work being produced by students is nothing short of amazing.

Wow, that’s impressive - the results speak for themselves.

I’m lucky to have a garage in which I have slowly built up a collection of woodworking machines, and with a three phase power outlet I’ve been able to pick up some big old machines. I’ve now got a 400mm thickness planer, 12" table saw, 12" radial arm saw, 300mm belt thickness sander and a 12" disc sander. Plus a 1930s 30" band saw and a lathe that’s on the floor waiting to be installed. Most of them are old machines I have restored, renovated or reconditioned. The band saw is the biggest, it stands 8’ tall, but it’s presently in bits awaiting some attention.


I think you need to show us what you have done with it :blush:

Wonderful to have that sort of equipment. It makes it so much quicker to get things done.

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Of late it’s been about slowly collecting machines, stripping and getting them set up correctly, and learning about their use. And a lot of helping kids and other people on their own projects! So I’ve not actually built a lot, yet. There are numerous projects of my own that are dotted around the workshop in various states of completion.

I built this a few years ago, and have plans downstairs for another:


The bigger three phase kit is wonderful to use. So stable, solid and powerful. I think I probably enjoy playing with the machines as much as using them.

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You should join a HiFi forum - lots of people there are as much, if not more, interested in fiddling with the machines. Oh, wait…

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Excellent - and very satisfying, I should think.

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Thank you. It’s a lot of fun to paddle.

Lovely rug you have as well!

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Bending the OPs thread …slightly…I see the neighbours* have an interesting wee woodwork construction ongoing…


  • about 10 miles, as the crow flies.