Signals Kudos event

Great too see you yesterday and glad you enjoyed the event. I think Signals punch well above their weight as there is only Alistair and Andy ( must not forget Alistairs wife who organises the grub etc).
Your upgrade list is difficult as your wife will notice the different amp, front end and speakers. Probably the front end could stay a while longer, more ex demo nd555 will come along. As soon as you buy a pair of Kudos speakers like the 707…you will be wishing for a new amp. Difficult one, but all part of the fun.


:small_blue_diamond:Was it no one of you who took pictures from this event.??


Alistair from Signals will post on their website, i will then repost the link


I love the certainty :wink: But I’m sure I will . . .

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Gazza, to ensure forum rules are upheld, better to copy in the pictures directly rather than post a link to the website.

Yes thats what i mean

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If it’s a similar set of pictures to those from the usual hifi event - overweight middle aged men with bad clothes - it’s probably best not to get too excited. On the other hand, these might be different. Let’s wait and see.


what i found on social networks

kudos 707 active


Who is sitting ? @NigelB, @Darkebear, @Gazza? A bit long distance from the speakers for some, not?

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The days were split into 3 different sessions, i do not recognise anyone from the posting.

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I am not there, so that photo must be from the Friday sessions.


why you say bad clothes? it’s an english term for relax clothes or sport wear clothes, or more a judgment ?
I would never go in suit and tie at such event personally.

Indeed Nigel. We’re not all bald are we? Not completely anyway :no_mouth:


Is there any sonic reason why the top Kudos speakers only have two drivers?

They are Isobarik, so there is a speaker not seen firing down through the base port of the speaker…


Ah - thanks Gaza.

Kudos call them a two and a half driver arrangement, sound great.

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not overweight too? :star_struck:

Wait for the pictures, which are usually worth a thousand words.

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