SL2 Foam

The acoustic foam in the tweeter section is 90ppi from what I’ve read but can someone tell me if it just glued to the sides or is there a third piece on the top.

I don’t know, but may be worth checking the discussion below for any clues

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Hi, I think It’s 80dpi . I can remember @jimdog was interested in this a couple of years back. Should be a thread about it, and yes I think you shape the foam a few dots of glue to stick in place.
Be interested how it works out as far as sound signature.
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

I’ve got a photo that I shared a while back. I’ll see if I can find it - from memory it was a single piece that looped from the left across the top and down the right of the cavity, using the tension of the foam to hold it in place.

[edit] found the photos (attached). Two separate pieces of foam, nothing across the top. There’s a challenge with providing sufficient room for the tweeter to get through the upper cabinet if you’ve got foam across the top, if it’s the same thickness (20mm from memory) as the sides.

No need to glue it. The foam on the sides should just be pressed in. If you cut it just a touch bigger than the side wall then it should fit snug. No foam on the ceiling.


Thanks for the info

There is a really long detailed thread here.


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