SL2 internal foam dimensions?

Before I bother the busy folks in Salisbury, does anyone have the dimensions of the SL2 internal foam?


Have you read the article below - may be of some help:

Yes, I and others posted photos and IIRC some measurements of the top cabinet foam shapes in that thread (which I think Willy took part in).

The foam is a rather asymmetric shape. Easiest to buy a sensible amount (it is very cheap) then cut from the old foam as a template.


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Picked up an idea of the size required on that referenced thread. I’m ordering foam of the R80FR type for my DBLs and they have a minimum order value so thought it would make sense to get some for a friends SL2s. It won’t cost me anything more and I’ll likely get a bottle of something in return.

Thanks for the input from all above.


I checked mine earlier today.

The foam is not in great shape (20 years old)

so I’ve ordered some of the Wilmslow foam and will fit next week.

Are you planning to replace the foam inside the base/mid compartment as well as in the tweeter “tunnel”?


No Willy I’m not as that would require removal of and probably damage to the bass drivers which are not replaceable.

Unless one tries to access it by removing the aluminium plate on the underside of the top cabinet?

Anyone tried that?

So I received the Wilmslow foam and replaced the crumbling original foam in the tweeter cabinets.

The old foam just disintegrated in my hands as I removed it:

I wanted to replicate the depth of the original foam (25mm) as close as possible so I decided to cut two templates of the Wilmslow (12mm) for each side and then stick the two pieces together (each adhesive side stuck to the other) so that the total depth was near to 25mm. This also enabled each piece to be easily removable as required.

I also took the opportunity to replace the SL-2 interface spacers with new ones (including washers) from TomTom.

Regarding the sound when completed I won’t bore folks with hifi metaphors etc but with the foam installed I concur with @mjkent in terms of improvement.

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