SL2's Used price

Hi peeps

What would be a reasonable price for a pair of the above that need the acoustic foam replacing?

Only ask because theres a pair in Germany. Worth a punt?


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Priceless and not mine :rofl:

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Tom Tom Audio offer replacement foam grilles that are exactly like the originals. They don’t hang about long when they come into stock so keep an eye or better yet, contact them to find out when they expect more in. I bought a pair last year and was very impressed.

As for a reasonable price for a pair of SL2s, that’s harder to answer as there’s nothing really like them available new. I reckon around £2-2.5k for a nice pair is probably fair. If they were still being sold today they would probably be closer to £8-10k.


Prob circa £2 -£2:2k…

I sold a pair a little while back.

Very nice speakers…

Good luck

How much do the seller want?

There was a pair for 1400 Euro for a long time and was a model in a offwhite high gloss laquer. There has been a thread on this one here. Would honestly not toch those.

Another pair in cherry went for 2800 euros.

Both from Germany.

Only 349 SL2s made took me an age to find a cherry pair.

I would say around £2k for an early example and up to £3k for a late mint, boxed version.

Many thanks for the replies people. Gives me an idea of what offers are reasonable.


I paid £2,100 from a Naim Dealer back in September. One issue I had was the bolts to the bass drivers had all been over-tightened, which meant the bolts were unable to be tightened. The dealer spoke with Naim, who sorted out the issue for me; the nuts had to be replaced, which isn’t an easy job. The dealer was unaware of this problem, so double-check if all the bolts are in good order.


Good advice. The foam in the top cabinets may also be crumbling but probably replaceable and maybe get a new set of tweeters while you are at it.

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I paid £3000 on the bay for a mint, boxed, maple second hand pair. Worth every penny and they’re still with me, having travelled through the Naim levels to full fat 500 gear and being actively driven. Don’t know whether tweeters are still available… replaced mine last year as one had failed and got them from Willy’s HiFi. I believe they have been updated now, though, and won’t fit. I’m sure there would be some, somewhere. Tom Tom’s foam grilles are identical to the originals. Superb, but pricey. I replaced the foam (very easy job) with foam from Wilmslow audio. Truly superb speakers.


Thanks for the advice people…the seller doesn’t want to post them unfortunately…




Yup, I’ve driven for my loudspeakers to the UK once (Ovators) and to Germany (sbls).

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I was thinking that too.

I drove 600 miles there and back in a hired van once, so as to pick up an Ercol sideboard that we had bought on eBay.

Ok this might be a bit further and it also involves a ferry, but do you want them or not?


Mtuttleb, out of interest, do you have any idea how many are there in Germany? In my tiny swamp (the Netherlands) I’ve never seen them.

…I really want them. Just not driving to another country.

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They are lovely speakers. I bought my pair from HungryHalibut, formally regularly here. But we live only 30 miles apart, so I wasn’t faced with your dilemma.

I hope you find another nice pair.


I have lusted after a pair of SL2s for a long time but always see them at the wrong time. Still enjoying my SBLs though.


Yeah, I lusted over nigel’s pair as well!

Edit: and for the avoidance of any doubt, we are talking about his SL2s!!!


Here they are, either side of the aforementioned Ercol sideboard…