Slow Page loading and being Logged Out of The Forum

Is anybody else having problems with slow page loading (spinning circle) and being logged out, and have to log back in. I also have this at the top of the page “Due to extreme load, this is temporarily being shown to everyone as a logged out user would see it.” Screenshot below. It’s being going on all day on my iPad and iPhone both using Safari as the browser. Hopefully @Richard.Dane can help if there is an issue.

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Yes, same behaviour here from Mozilla Firefox in Windows 10P.

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My page loading is also very slow today on iPhone, but I’m not being logged out. Sometimes, rarely, it gives me the default listing (which doesn’t include the beta group) but if I reload the page it comes back again normally.



As above ?

Same here. I have just had a message telling me that “due to extreme load the search facility is temporarily disabled.”, slow from IOS/Safari and Windows/Firefox.

Same here, on Safari … or maybe you just haven’t paid your subs. :laughing:

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I think they need to turn everything off in the datacentre and then start it up one by one from the LAN. It worked for my ND555.


Me too.

Yup, same here. I’ll let our web developer know.


Same here - Windows 10 Pro & Microsoft Edge.

Very slow, but haven’t been forcibly logged out.

Yes, same here. Very slow on Safari (13.1.1).

It’ll be due to Naim prepping the forum for high internet and website traffic for when they launch the NAC272 successor :grinning:


It’s actually good to know it’s not my internet connection!



That’s exactly what I thought it was here. The connection drops so regularly here - every 5 or 10 minutes and then it can take a while to get going again, I thought that must be it, but other sites seemed fine, and then I saw this thread appear…


Glad to know. Was about to post about it and it’s been like that for a couple of days! Hope we’re not back to the days of HoopLa or whatever it was called.

Just the Naim forum that’s been slow here (from about lunch time) and all other sites loading quickly.

Slow page loading only here. iPad, safari.

I was getting the slow page loading thing yesterday, hopefully back to normal now that the site is up and running again.

Seems to work better now or?

I had to clear the cache in safari to get other than blank pages, probably some incomplete file.

Yup, some of you would have noticed that the forum went offline last night. Turned out there was a corrupt server disc that needed replacing. Normal service should now resume. Apologies to everyone for the service outage.


Thanks Richard, these things happen.