Small speakers for Atom

hi there folks!

New here! first of all sorry for my english I’m spanish.

I have a really nice tube amp system, Mastersound 300B, Diapason Karis III and Zu Omen floorstand, Sota Sapphire turntable with Jelco arm and Soundsmith cartridge, among good cablea and sources (north star, etc)…

Well cause We move often, I was thinking in getting rid off and keep my system simple… and digital.

Bought yesterday an Atom and I’m super pleased with the sound, not gonna compare but gives me 90% of my 30K system and even with more power, I’m amazed!

In the past I tried several mini
monitor or bbc speakers, and have made a list chasing help from You guys, cause is gonna br my main system for a long time!

Keep in mind I gotta place them just against the wall, no space for breathe; however it’s going to be 2m between them keeping ATOM in the middle.

This is the final list, I remember ProAc Tablette 10’s and PMC doing a great job for the money, also the Audio Physic:

ProAc Tablette 10 Sign
PMC twenty5 22i
ATC SMC 11 (too big?)
Harbeth P3ESR (needs power I guess)
Spendor Classic 4/5 -
Spendor A1
Spendor Classic 3/1 -
Audio Physic Classic 3
Audio Physic Step Plus

Also considered Kef 50LS and Bower & Wilkins 700 range but being bass reflex… with my new ATOM the bass is much more pronounced, or maybe 300B are just amazingly good with that.

For instance My most listened music by far are Jazz, Bossa, Blues, Soul and then some rock (pink floyd, dire straits, queen, Dylan…) and 80’s music.

Thanks so much!!

Greetings from Spain.


This will be a great combo. Many here have it ( in fact there’s a current thread showing each pair)


Ola Elmar, welcome. Considering your musical diet, don’t forget to consider the Sonus Faber Sonetta. (1)
Another one that can almost hug the wall: Neat Ministra. But the Tablette would certainly do a great job. As for the other options on your list, that also depends a little on your room size.

I ran Tab 10s with an Atom - fantastic combination

I’d suggest that the PMC 22 and ATC 11 are too much for the Atom. I’m not sure about the Spendors or Audio Physics, but the ProAcs are very good and work well near the wall.

Hola and welcome to the forum. Your English is perfectly understandable so no te preocupes!

Looks like a fairly sensible if quite long shortlist!

To make it longer, another speaker you might want to add to your list is the Audiovector QR1. They are front-ported so easy to position. I recently chose them to partner a Naim XS3 and am very pleased with them.
I also listened to and liked the Neat Ministra. They have a very small rear port but are designed to be used quite close (about 20cm) from a rear wall.

I like the ATC SMC11s a lot but I agree they may need slightly better amplification to give their best and therefore lose their value for money against alternatives when used with the Atom. I used to use them with a Naim NAP250DR and they were great. I listened to them again with the XS3 and whilst I could recognise all the things I liked about them, other less demanding speakers sounded better with this amp.

Anyhow, happy listening!


thanks everyone!

I must say I started with a Leben CS300XS with Klipsch Heresy III, although I love the live feelings horns gave, I prefer the Zu as much more balanced one.

Trumpets, vocals, acoustic guitars are my taste.

so lot of love for Proac!

This is my current setup:


Cracking looking set up what is the turntable please

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See the first post, it’s all there.

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Of the ATCs, I wouldn’t rule out the SCM 11s. They’re generally reckoned to be easier to drive than the 7s. Not sure about right up against a wall, but ATC make a wall-mounted version, slightly pricier, but it would save on stands.

Not sure if Neat are available in Spain. If so you might want to add Iota Alphas to your list. They work extremely well with an Atom.



A couple of GURU Juniors could be nice partners for your atom, too …

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what U think guys of B&W 706 S2? they need too much space to breathe, from rear wall? read is a good match for the Atom.

I run ATC11s with an Atom and they are superb, no problems driving them so worth considering.

great! Someone will lend me the ATC SMC11 on Tuesday for test them… let’s see.

Have You listen to these ones? LARSEN 4.2

How are the diapasons on the Atom?

Good list—I’d try to listen to the graham chartwell LS3/5 or LS3/5a. Or the falcons or Rogers.


As a P3ESR user, it needs oodles of power, the comments from HiFi Choice on the Spendors Classics 4/5 were that they were easy to drive from a Rega Io upwards .

By the way , a lovely system photo

You could also add some of the smaller Amphion speakers, very similar background to Harbeth, Spendor and ATC . Very stylish

quite nice indeed, strong bass, but I’d like to try a close cabinet speaker.

Fair enough but I suspect you might regret it if you sell them. The Tablet Sigs are very much flavour of the month and may well deserve the accolades but the Karis are works of art even when silent.