SN2+HCDR+CDX2+XPSDR upgrade path

Actually my concern is to spend money without getting a proper improving in the right direction…unfortunately I cannot listen it before.

If it were me I’d get a 282 and 250DR, even if it means waiting longer. The 282 can be used with the Hicap and Supernait if that helps.


I’d ask what price for the 282. If you were in the UK and/or had access to affordable servicing then perhaps the 250 would also be a decent option.

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Infact my idea was to purchase only the 282 and use it with SN2 and HCDR, then move to a 250DR later (much later) but the equipments are on sale in block!!!I’ll try to ask again only for the 282.

Hi Damy,
You have a lovely system already, so do take care with any changes.
The 282 & 250DR is an obvious and very good option, especially as you already have a Hicap DR.

If you like playing cds, then for no cost you might like to ask your Naim dealer to demonstrate what a 555PSDR can do for a CDX2. I found the better power supply to be an awesome upgrade for the CDX2, preferring the CDX2/555PS to a CDS3/XPS. Alternatively, a good condition CDS3 can be found in the UK for only £1,500 these days - a bargain.

On the other hand, if you have decided to go streaming, the NDX2 is a super option, with your CDX2 as a trade-in to reduce the cost to change. This will set you up for the future, even if the sonic upgrade may be less dramatic.

Finally, given the choice of a 250.2 or a 250DR, I would take a 250DR every single day of the week. If you are considering a 250.2 (I did some years ago), just buy a pair of serviced NAP135s as these blow the 250.2 into the weeds.

Have fun considering your options!

Best regards, BF

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Thank you guys for all your comments. I did not think to receive so many replies.
At the end I think about three option, the cheapest to remain with the current system (50%), buy a s/h 282 to be used with my SN2 in a such way I can compare its performance with the SN2 pre and decide to continue or not the path also with 250DR (40%), third option add only a NDX2 to replace my Bluesound Node 2 (10%) but it is an expensive option without a big SQ improvement.

Hi Guys, can you tell me if this is the right way to connect a NAC 282 with the amp sectio of my SN2?

Why not email Naim with your sketch to be sure.

Yes Christopher, it should be the safer way to know it.I’ll do it.

Here is the answer. The link plug is removed and the Snaic connected to power amp in.


Thank you Hangyhalibut, Naim provides the manual for this!!! :slight_smile:

If I choose for the NAP250DR first and NAC282 after. Is it the right way to connect the SN2+HCDR as pre into NAP250DR? The Naim connection guide indicates only a connection with NAP200 but I suppose it is a similar connection.
I do not use the amp inside the SN2 but only the NAP250DR. My Kudos are monowiring.

Here below a sketch done by “Copy and Paste”

I was very happy with an SN2 and HCDR for quite a few years. Once the itch to upgrade and hear what I was missing hit, I went all the way to 252/SCDR, as my dealer had those very slightly used.

Longer ago I did bring home a 282 and 250.2, and honestly felt that it was not a very big improvement over the SN2. I kept the SN2 at that time. But the 250DR is a very different amp.

My biggest piece of advice is to buy used. Become familiar with used prices, and be a little patient, and get something 3-5 yrs old that’s offered at a price you usually see 10+ yr old boxes offered at. It happens!


Thank you Bart for your advise. Surely if I take one I’ll go for a s/h. Can you kindly report why you did not consider a very upgrade the 282+NAP250.2 compared to SN2? I guess also that 250DR should be better than 250.2.
Thank you in advance!

Hi @damy79
I have SN2, Hi-CapDr and 250DR and can confirm that your connection diagram is correct.

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Connections to a 250 are the same as for a 200. If you are buying used, the seller should supply the correct lead with the 250, and it is different to the lead for a 200.

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Perhaps I was expecting too much…but the 282/250.2 combo didn’t give me anything close to “wow” right at the start. After that…I didn’t have much interest in trying to discern subtle differences.

Now the 252/SCDR did “wow” me vs. SN2/HCDR. Almost as much as the 552 wowed me after that!

The Naim upgrade path is pretty reliable, but adjacent upgrades can be pretty subtle. Not always, but sometimes, it seems.

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It reminds me when i went from 112/150 to 202/200. It was a dramatic step. Then i enjoyed the 282 / 200 with cdx2/ xps2. I could have been happy with that system. very musical and involving.


Hi guys,
I just received my last piece of kit and I finally got CDX2+XPSDR+282+HCDR+NAP250DR

Before this I used the pre section of my SN2.

I connect the s/h 282 yesterday and I just felt a more holographic and detailed sound but it seems a bit tiring, today something has changed but it is still a bit shouty. Any experience about it?
Loudspeakers are Kudos C20!

You can respond to @mikehughescq on the end of my lether thread. He has a question on cdx2/ XPS2 connecting.