SN2+HCDR+CDX2+XPSDR upgrade path

I have a SN2+HCDR+CDX2+XPSDR with Kudos C20, Powerline, TelluriumQ UB power cables and Black Diamond DIN-DIN. What do you think about the next upgrade? May I swap the SN2 with Nac282+NAP250DR or a NDX2 may be the better value for money? I own also a BluesoundNode2, it is very good for the money and I’ve already ripped all my 1200 CDs. An NDX/NDX2 may also lead to the sale of my CDX2 in a few time if it sounds better (Could I stay without CDs? :slight_smile: )
I think that many people will suggest for the 282+250DR but I’m a bit afraid to do this expensive and boxes addition path. Furthermore I’d like to reduce the cables behind the frame and not complicate more, unless it worth very much. Kudos C20 is also a quite open loudspeakers, I would avoid to get a more open sound that may be tiring. I love C20 and their room positioning is not fussy, I want to avoid that after a black box changing I’m forced toay be to change also loudspeakers to maintain a fair system.
Thank you guy for your support and sorry for my English!

and an example in system pics. from @LindsayM


It looks like you have a lovely four box solution right now. You have already ripped your CD’s, so you could plug in a NDX 2. This would allow you to listen to your CD’s plus stream music from a music service and internet radio stations.

I am bias in my reply since my system is currently, NAS > XPS DR > NDX 2 > SuperNait 2 > NAC A5 > NAIM Ovator S-400, and only need to add a HiCap PS to the SuperNait 2 to have a four box on the rack solution.

I did have a CD player for a short time but the streamer for me works and the CD was traded in.

Others prefer separates and will offer suggestions but I do believe you have a fantastic system as is, and adding a NDX 2 would be a great first step in exploring change.

Good luck with your decision.


I think you’ll find that 282/250 is a significant upgrade, but one thing you will not do is reduce the cables behind your rack. Remember you will have a NAPSC as well as the Hicap powering the 282, so that’s an extra box, cable and mains lead.
Swapping the CDX2 for NDX2 obviously adds no more boxes or cables. I suspect you will find it to be less than the amp upgrade.


I moved recently from SN2 to 282/250DR and the difference is very significant

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I assumed that many of you already did the swap to 282 / 250DR with extreme satisfaction and I imagine it is so. Apart from the economic outlay I would like to know what improvements have been noted in the change. I don’t like a sound that is too holographic and I wouldn’t want it to become too clear and open when I go to an upper level. Probably the advantages of 282/250 are better than add a NDX2

If the goal is to improve the overall system sound then 282/250 is the obvious upgrade path.
If the goal is to migrate from CD to streaming then CDX2 to NDX2 would achieve this.


If the SN2 can be split into separate pre and power like my one-time Nait XS could, then perhaps both goals could be achieved at once. NAC282 could front up a SN2 temporarily used as a NAP.

A NAP250 could be added at leisure to replace the SN2. But there will be a time with two volume knobs that looks a bit odd.

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I tried to investigate about a s/h Nac282 and I noted that many of them are very old model (2003/2004) but they are always tagged 282. Apart the necessity of a Naim servicing, are they the same model of nowadays or it was updated along the years?

It has never changed. Now a new one may sound slightly better than a 15 year old one, but it is not a given. Considering i replaced a 282 at one time with an unserviced and very early pots 3 Nac 82, and thought the 82 played better music, i’d not worry too much. If a pre amp still sounds great, even 20 years old and unserviced, i’d be happy to use it if it came at the right price. A serviced one would likely still be my preference if the price was close however.


What about Fraim? Should be a nice upgrade on most other racks! And if you are happy playing cds a used CDS3 is quite a bargain these days…


I already have a Quadraspire SV2T bamboo and I cannot replace it for WAF. I think the way should be 282+250DR otherwise I think to remain with SN2. I’ll try to get a 282 at good price to be used with my SN2 as NAP…

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My thoughts exactly. A CDX2 would sell for probably 2/3rds of the cost of a CDS3. A CDX2.2 and you would have change! Still get the 282 and 250 but buy used and this would be an excellent system. Even with a 200 actually.

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Thank you guys for all your suggestion…I assumed that 282 first and 250 after should be the right path for a proper SQ improvement over my SN2!!!

That’s what I’d do, but if you are looking on the used market and happen to see a great deal on a 250 first, just buy it anyway.

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My CDX2 is already the last version CDX2.2!!!

What are the difference between a 250.2 and 250DR? Should an old 250.2 anyway better than nap inside the SN2? I guess so.

I’d say the majority view is that the DR version is better, and some have described the 250.2 as having a bass ‘hump’ that can make it sound a bit sluggish, especially compared to the 200. As well as any personal preference, this will depend on your room and speakers.
Either way, a 250 is a big step up from a Supernait power amp. If you do go for a 250.2, you can always have it upgraded to DR spec later.

I found a bargain for a 282 (2011) and 250.2 (2010) at a fair price, 3700€ for both Do I have to jump?

Only you can answer that. Do you want to jump?

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