SN2 vs SN3

The Time is coming could i ask a comparison to sn3 owners?

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You’re not going to find very many as of 25 August 2019!


The Supernait2 sounds broken compared to the Supernait3.

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Care to elaborate?

He’s being sarcastic.





Ah :blush:
My sarc meter must be faulty. It’s the heat!


I was being sarcastic. I figured I would head off the inevitable speculation that the 2 must be inferior.

Now that I am writing this, it occurs to me that in the early 2000s after the classic line was introduced there was much discussion on the forum about how the classic was definitely better than olive. Chrome bumper was seen as obsolete in some quarters. As it turns out, many olive and chrome bumper pieces are now revered as icons and many classic pieces did not compare favorably even though they were the “latest”. I realize that is a sweeping generalization and many classic pieces are exceptional. Preferences vary of course. It’s just a reminder that newer isn’t always better, although sometimes it is.


Agreed. When listening to the Supernait 3, when compared to the Supernait 2, it’s as if a veil has been removed and the music is much clearer. Bass is lower, treble is sweeter and the blacks are inky black…


In fact you could say the SN2 sounded broken?


In your opinion a huge gap between the two. I assume that you are referring at line level signal because the 2 doesn’t have the int phono card

I heard ND5 XS 2 into Supernait 3 through a pair of Dynaudio Special Forty & Neat Ekstra speakers at my dealer’s today. What a very crisp sounding amp it is too. I’m tempted to chop my XS2 amp in for it even though I don’t need the phono stage. This was with all Naim cabling. Feet were tapping along nicely to anything played…

Which of those speakers did you prefer?

Hard to say as both sounded really sweet I thought…although different in terms of tonality. However, If i were given the choice between the two? then I would most probably opt for the Neats as I thought they were a bit more cohesive, but this may of been system dependent of course, with maybe the Dyns preferring a more ambitious system? Still… both were sweet as is though.

There is a sn3 review in hifi+…we could read the reviewer’s opinion

Where can you find it ?

I sas a naim Instagram post

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Have a SN3 at home at the moment, and it certainly seems more together than the SN2s i’ve used in the past. The internal phono stage is very good too, maybe a little darker and less open than the Graham Slee Gram Amp2 SE i use, but fuller and more fleshed out with nice weight and very solid rhythmically. A very nice package overall, and i look forward to plugging in the CDS3 over the weekend.


Does it hum?

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Not at all!


That sounds to me as a Nait 5 with more power, Gary.