SN2 vs SN3

The SN3 is bold and muscular with improved timing over the previous version, and also sounds less analytical. Rich in tone in a good way, so maybe there, a comparison to the Nait 5 would be fair, albeit the ‘5’ is lighter and more lyrical in its approach.


Can I ask you what source you are using with the SN3 Gary? Do you think it would pair nicely with an NDS/XPSDR?

So far only with vinyl, but over the weekend i will put my CDS3 on it. My only other source is a UQ2 which i play internet radio through, but never streaming. I can’t really comment on the NDS but can’t imagine it would be anything less than sublime.

Thank you, is that with the SN3’s built in phono stage too?

Yes indeed, and a nice stage it is.

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I think it would be a lovely system. I’m running an NDX2 / XPS DR through a SN2 with HiCAP and it’s great.

I really am not sure what direction I may go at this point, and really not in any rush either. Just willing to sit back and wait for all the reviews to come out on the SN3. At the moment we have MAD overtime at work, so I will take advantage of that, and make an informed decision later on. I did own an SN2 a few years back, but felt the 272/250 DR was a big upgrade over it. My source was only a UQ2 into a Hugo 1 though, now I have an NDS, so that might change my impressions of the SN2/3.

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Why not swap the 272 for a 282 with the 250 and NDS then?

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Because I traded the 272/250 for the NDS. I also have Dynaudio XD600’s (active) that I run off the NDS. I am trying to downsize a little, blending a home theatre system with a 2 channel system, I moved from a house to an apartment, so two seperate rooms/systems are now in one room. I DO consider myself a habitual gear flipper, I just really enjoy trying out different combinations of audio gear, searching for my holy grail in audio. I also love blondes, brunettes, redheads, life is too short.


@GaryYeowell so at Line level the sn3 is really better than 2 in your opinion?

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Can I ask a heresy question and wonder if anyone compared it to the Hegel 390 or 590?
I am in the market for an upgrade (all naim system currently)

Why do you compare it and let us know ?

I am just curious, as I heard many good things about this vendor in general.
And these specific products have an amp-pre-network-mqa in one piece.
So I am intrigued

Nice to hear the new SN3 has improved performance
I’ve got tired of, and sold my SN2, the original SN1 was pretty horrible tbh

What do you mean by horrible?

Only when it doesn’t know the words.

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the grass looks greener always on the other side.

I haven’t really heard a Hegel, but to be honest, time is limited, and so is life, and generally for what I value in music reproduction i.e. Pace, Rhythm and Timing, Naim gives me what I want, so why look elsewhere?


“…the original SN1 was pretty horrible tbh”

No it wasn’t. I (and a number of others at the time) preferred it to the 202/200, though it did need a HiCap to really sing. What’s more, I arrived at that preference after a long home audition of both with CD5XS/nDAC/XPS front end.


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I agree especially because i m not a 202/200 fan. Anyhow in my opinion every naim pre or int start singing with an external ps

I am curious if anyone uses, or has tried/heard Superlumina speaker cables with an SN2 or 3? If you have, any thoughts, I have SL speaker cables sitting here with no Naim amp right now.