SN3 DIN cable & Speakers

Hello dear community, I have had an SN3 & NDX2 for a short time and love it. Nevertheless, I have 2 questions for you: 1. which of the following DIN cables would you recommend. Chord Company Shawline DiN, Naim HiLine DIN or Witchhat DIN. 2. I think my B&W 602 are the weakest link in the chain. Which speakers have the proper depth (bass) would you recommend to me? I would like the appearance of ATC SCM 40. Or do you think I should consider a sub. Thank you in advance.

All Dins are the weak link use RCAs instead I do. :wink: :+1:t2:
Subs are for AV not Hi Fi IMO. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hi @ThOmSoN
I have a SN3 and NDX2. I use a power line on the SN3 and connect them with a Hi Line which is a great DIN option providing you can install it correctly and that it’s hanging freely without touching anything including the floor. I’m with @Skeptikal - the right speakers shouldn’t need a sub in a hifi set up IMHO.


Adding a sub will still mean you are limited by those B&Ws. The best thing to do is to try a range of alternative speakers and see which you prefer. As to cables, the supplied interconnect is already very good. I rather like the Tellurium Q Black II if you want an alternative. I saw a Super Lumina Din interconnect selling used for £850 yesterday, which would be very nice.

Thank you for your information. I have an appointment next week for trial listening for ATC’s and Blumenhofer Acoustics

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Without any shadow of a doubt - HiLine. It matches the NDX 2 & SN3, and supremely so.


I picked up a Rel t5/x sub several months ago and love it. Integrates well with my ATC 11s. Will probably get a second one soon.

Not according to Naim (?)

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Obviously. :roll_eyes:
Heinz Beanz are the best Beanz according to Heinz. :wink: