SN3 popping sound when muting or changing the source

Hi. I have recently noted that when I mute/unmute or change the source on the SN3 there is quite a loud popping sound from the speakers (was always on the streamer for a while, so did not notice when this stared). The sound stayed even when all the sources, HCDR were disconnected, power cable and the outlet were changed. After some search on the forum I don’t have a conclusive answer whether it is normal or a service case (e.g. here some members say they hear a pop and some say it’s dead quiet - SN2: Pops when Switching Input or Muting)

Probably not related to your popping, but looking at your system profile, if you’ve got the CD5Si also connected to the SN3, then you may find the system may sound better if you set the NDX2 signal ground switch to floating ( if you’ve not done so already)

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I had this on a 252 and it was the tantalum capacitors, naim pretty much diagnosed over the phone. It went in to have them done and came back perfect, no more popping.

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For what it’s worth, my Supernait 3 is totally silent going in and out of mute, or when changing sources. I imagine that’s how it should be.


Same here… mines only a year old though

That would be my expectation too. And it was pretty much quiet the last time I remember it

Thank you. Wrote a request to the service. Will see what happens

Noted. Will try with the floating setting. Thank you for the advice

FWIW my 252 makes a very low pop when mute/unmute. As far as I can recall, the demo unit didn’t, but I was excited and inexperienced, and may not have noticed. Also the other equipment in the system wasn’t 100% the same.

It’s barely audible, only when I am right next to a speaker. Can’t hear it from the listening position, 2.5m from speakers

For me now it’s quite an audible pop which is not affected by the system volume - that’s something of a concern for me

Mine has a tendency to do this after I have taken the system apart for a good clean. Careful attention to reseating the interconnects usually sorts it. No harm in also ensuring that other cables are not touching as well.

For me the sound stays even after I completely separate the amp from the rest of the system :frowning:

My SN1 makes a soft pop when I mute/unmute. I’ve heard others have the same issue, but it doesn’t affect playback or anything, so I’ve never thought twice about it. Let us know what cust service says.

Surprisingly no reply from the Naim service yet (by email), maybe some staff increase is required

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