Snaic 4 please identify these

Today i returned in passive mode with IBL,since i carried Snaxo & Hicap out for service, so i noticed a different code on the cable tie. On a spare Snaic 4 i have in his own package Is Na- 0127 on another one included with a 200 ( ‘14 build) Is Na - 0088 i can’ t figure out any differences

The numbers are just the reference as to who made it at the factory.


All components - amps, streamers etc - are logged in the erp system who made it.
Cables aren’t logged, so they get ID bracelets instead to indicate who made it.


Thank you :heart:

@rsch - Did you did read this… :thinking:

How to ID Your :snake:**

Reading the FAQs is so last year. It’s far easier to get others to do the heavy lifting.

Comments like above is so last year

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