Snaic 4

I was after a snaic 4 to go from hicap dr to supernait 3 and seen a few with different numbers on the white band around them anyone know what they mean ?

This one is marked NA-0088, I do have others, marked NA-9110, NA-03 and NA-34.

Just wanted to make sure i get the correct one


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They are (AFAIK) a code for the person at Naim, who made them… :crazy_face:

All SNAIC’s are equal… :snake: :astonished:

(My ‘nearest’ SNAIC - a -4 not currently in use - is marked NA-0133.)

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Thanks ian

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You can laugh now, at the eBay listings describing a SNAIC-4 say, as an NA-0034…!!!
As if its a Part Number… :crazy_face:

I can find more of these numbers, if you want…? I must have another 3 or 4 SNAIC’s… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

PS. NA-34 and NA-40 found…!!!

lol just need to get the right one for supermait 3 and hicap dr my local dealer has closed down had a lok on the bay and got totaly confused (doesn`t take much these days)

Cheers Ian

Be careful of eBay - plenty of fakes being sold as “Naim SNAICs”.

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“Licensed to Thrill”?

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Yeh I’ll stick with a dealer and buy online

Once you know what a real Naim SNAIC looks like, buying from eBay is not an issue.

I have bought 3 that way - all are genuine, all work fine. But ultimately it is your choice.


Thanks ian :grin:

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You could post a picture of any potential SNAIC’s on here - and get some opinions.

FAQ - How to identify SNAIC’s

Spot on thanks :+1: Peter tyson has some for £99 no box

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Much less than that on eBay. About £40 to £60, is what I have paid.

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Thanks Ian looking around now just want to make sure its original is there any difference in age between the black ones / revisions or updates

Found one for £60 on the bay seller zootsuit67 i wont post links as i dont think that is allowed and i dont want to break any rules :slight_smile:

Found this one

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He said its about 5 years old

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That looks right. Go for the Black versions - they are newer and considered ‘better’.

Thanks so do you know if there are any difference between newer and a 5 year old one ?

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Err, 5 years…!! No - AFAIK - if they are both Black.

My oldest (?) Black SNAIC is from 1999, which I bought ‘new’.
I have earlier some SNAIC’s but they are Grey.
I have no idea how old my other Black SNAIC’s are… :snake: