SNAIC directionality - nDAC

I just want to verify - connecting an nDAC with a 32.5, the banded end of the SNAIC goes to the nDAC. Correct?

Yes. It’s a standard DIN5 interconnect (signal) rather than a SNAIC (which carries both power and signal)

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Try it both ways. Does one way sound better to you?

It’s a bit of wire (tbf, several bits). If I (a chartered Elec Eng.) told you that it makes buqqer all difference, would you believe me?

In the end it’s what suits you best.

Enjoy…and the nDAC is a wondrous beast :grinning:. Now give it a PSU :smile::smile::smile:

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Thanks James! Great.

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Thanks Suzy - I am gonna be compliant - why not!

I have had the nDAC for a while, and totally love it. Quite honestly, I am putting my system back together after some house repairs, and trying to do a good job - and did not realize these were directional until I stumbled across a mention.

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